Recommendations on leather trim repair

  1. Hi. My LV is about 7-8 years old and has been abused from almost daily use. Does anyone have any recs for where to getting the trim replaced? It's is torn along the edges. Should I go to LV or Rago Brothers or somewhere else? Thanks!
  2. Which bag is it?
  3. Hi. I'm not even sure. Here is a picture of it. It's the top trim that is tearing.
  4. That's the Horizontal Batignolles. Why not take it back to LV and have them replace the trim?
  5. I agree, go to the boutique to replace the trim don't bother going to Rago Brothers unless the canvas is cracked/damaged.
  6. You can get the entire leather replaced for a fee at Louis Vuitton. The bag will come back looking quasi brand new.