Recommendations on baby products

  1. Hey moms and moms-to-be,

    We are starting to working on our baby registry and went to Babies R Us for the first time. Boy, did DH and I walked out of there after 2.5 hours, each with a headache! ;)

    I am reading the Baby Bargains book, and am waiting for the book from Parenting on baby products etc. What references did/do you use when deciding on baby products? Friends, Internet (what websites?), books, Consumer Report?

    Right now, I have a few items I need help deciding. Any rec on brands and models would be appreciated!

    Infant car seat
    Diaper Pail
    Breast pump
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider
  2. Here's what I used:

    Stroller: I have a Peg Perego and a Baby Jogger. I like the Baby Jogger because it is much easier to manuever than a reg. stroller.
    Infant car seat: I used the Peg Perego that went with my stroller for baby #1 but I am going to get a Graco Snug Ride because it was the only one that passed the last crash test.
    Sling: I used a Baby Bjorn which is an infant carrier not a sling.
    Diaper Pail: Used Diaper Genie
    Breast pump: Used the Medela Advanced that comes in a Back Pack
    Bottles: Combination. Used Dr. Browns, Avent, and Gerber. Since I was doing so much breastfeeding it was hard to get baby on bottle. We had to use something called the breast bottle to get her off the breast. From there we used Gerber and from there Dr. Brown and Avent.
    Diapers: Started baby off on Pampers because she was so tiny (Swaddlers are great for newborns) now we use Huggies, they're much cheaper.
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider: I used my mom's Rocker.
  3. Here is what i used:

    Stroller: I had the Eddie Bauer, but then switched to the Silver Cross brand. They are a bit on the pricey side, but very lighweight and comfortable for the baby.
    Infant Car Seat: used the one from my eddie bauer stroller then switched to a brand called Combi
    sling: Baby Bjorn (very comfy and secure)
    Diaper Pail: I just threw the poopy diaper into the garbage and then took it outside.
    Breast Pump: I rented the professional hospital grade pump from Medela, the Lactina.
    Bottles: Playtex Vent Aire bottles
    Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers...and then Pampers Cruisers
    Rocker/glider: Never bought one.

    have fun adding to your registry!
  4. I wish I had talked to more parents regarding baby products!

    Stroller: I got a Graco quattro tour, which is great, but the wheels are huge and lugging it out is a hassle. We also got a snap-n-go stroller from baby trend that's been a lifesaver. They're $50 and great for the doctor's office and other places where having an SUV stroller isn't convenient.
    Infant car seat: We went with the graco snug-ride for the same reason Rileygirl stated, plus we liked how it worked with the graco line of products, like the swing frame we can clip it into.
    Sling: I'm still having trouble finding one that works... for now we use an infantino carrier which works fine, it's just a bit cumbersome.
    Diaper Pail: We have a diaper genie II and I love it! No turning or flipping and we can't smell a thing.
    Breast pump: I got the Medela Swing as a light duty pump since I'm a SAHM, but from what I understand it can handle being an everyday pump... but if you're pumping exclusively I'd say get a double pump.
    Bottles: Our DD hasn't had more than the occasional bottle, but it helps to match the nipple shape to whatever pacifier you're using for less confusion.
    Diapers: Pampers swaddlers when she was a newborn, but at 14lbs we've busted out the size 2 huggies and they work great for poop containment... I love the elastic band in the back to prevent blow-outs. However, we have noticed that depending on how many diapers are in the pack quality seems to go down. We bought a "club pack" from Sam's and almost 2 dozen were unusable because of being off-center... but maybe it was just our luck.
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider: Glider if you can afford one. They're pricey but sooo much easier and more comfortable, IMO.
  5. Stroller: If I were to do it all over again, I would get a Peg Perego P3 as an everyday stroller. You can use it later when you have more than one because it has the toddler step. And a BOB revolution for jogging.

    Infant car seat: Graco Snugride we had that for our first and are planning on using it again.

    Sling: Hotsling, Peanut Shell, Maya Wrap lightly padded, Babyhawk or Kozy carrier Mei tai, and Didy indio natural wrap.

    Diaper Pail: We used a diaper champ but my DD who's now 2 figured out how to throw all her clothes, toys etc away at about 18 months so we just run the diapers to the trash can outside now.

    Breast pump: Medela pump in style.

    Bottles: Avent? Don't know now about the whole plastic issue.

    Diapers: Pampers swaddlers. :heart:

    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider : We have one from babystyle that we got as a shower gift, and now takes up lots of space in our living room. It's not the best, but it works.

    HTH! Happy shopping!
  6. Ok here is what I have
    Stroller- Evenflo and Mc Laren for when they are a little older. I may invest in another McClaren. They are well worth it. Easy to manuver and lightweight.
    Carseat- Infant seat is Evenflo, I have an Eddie Bauer for the next step up. Both will be replaced soon though and I am not sure what with.
    Sling- I don't have one or a harness, but am probably going to buy the bjorn once the baby is born. Neither one of my kids liked them is the reason.
    Bottles- Avent
    Diapers- Pampers swaddlers are great and soft for newborns. After Huggies supreme.(They are the only ones that don't give my daughter a rash for some reason)
  7. Stroller: Eddie Bauer, Graco, Combi (all were gifts)
    Infant car seat: Graco Snug Ride and Eddie Bauer
    Sling: Baby Bjorn but luckily I've hardly had to use it as baby is fine playing on his own and in the stroller
    Diaper Pail: We had a diaper Genie but I gave it away. I prefer to just put the diaper in a plastic bag and dump it in the trash outside right away.
    Breast pump: Medela but since I breastfeed I haven't used it except for the first month until baby got onto a feeding schedule. If you intend to use it a lot, I recommend getting a double pump.
    Bottles: Playtex but we haven't used it with this child yet.
    Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers (that's what the hospital gave us and we liked it) and then Huggies Supreme in case baby has sensitive skin.
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider: Don't have one.
  8. Stroller-Graco travel system/Graco Mosaic
    Infant car seat-Graco Snugride or Safeseat. SafeSeat is designed for infants up to 30 lbs. and 32 inches in height. It can hold a little bit more weight and height than a traditional Graco infant car seat which generally go to 22 lbs. and 29 inches.
    Diaper Pail-Diaper Champ (You dont need to buy special bags)
    Breast pump-Ameda Purely Yours has the best prices, they sell Medela also.
    Bottles-Never used Them
    Diapers-Loved Swaddlers in the beginning, moved my girl into Costco Kirkland brand which are basically Huggies Supreme.
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider-used a small lazy boy

    Other ideas for your registry, crib sheets, mattress pads, mattress, shopping cart cover, Bumbo, infant tylenol, Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat, Mesh Feeders, Graco Tot Block, baby gate(s), babyproofing items
  9. Stroller -- I have a Bugaboo...great lightwieght, but not enough storage room underneath.

    Infant car seat--Evenflo Triumphant...I was not a huge fan of the convertible infant carrier/car seat...too heavy and I would wind up hitting my legs all the time with it.

    Sling ---didn't get one till she was too big...

    Diaper Pail-- Diaper need for filters

    Breast pump-- Get a Medela hand pump first. I had trouble pumping with an electric until my body got used to it, I would BF from one side and pump the other with the manual..much more relaxing...and cheaper..You can't return brreast pumps. The manual pump was the best 30 bucks i spent.

    Bottles-- Tried the Dr. Brown she rejected the nipple..she went with the Soothies since that was the pacifier they first give in the hospital. Babies can be funny with bottles, so don't get too many. They will have nipple preference..moreso if they are BF.

    Diapers-- I went generic until she started crawling. They don't need the crazy eleastic stuff until they start to move. Swaddlers are fine.

    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider..Swivel rocker glider and don't forget the ottoman too!
  10. IMO the best thing to do is listen to other parents. Sometimes the things you think you need when your pregnant are the farthest thing from what you actually need once you have the baby. Hope that made sense...

    Stroller: Graco Quattro Travel system - we had this system and absolutely loved it, it comes with an infant seat and a base. The stroller has some great features that I haven't seen on any others ie. the back lays down completely flat, the basket under is huge, the snack tray lifts up...can't say enough about how great this system is!!

    Infant car seat: see above.
    Diaper Pail: didn't use, just bagged them up and put them in the regular garbage

    Breast pump: you may not need one, check into rental maybe...some places offer rentals (your doctor should be able to guide you). I bought the Avent manual one and never ended up using it...waste of $$.

    Bottles: I used both Playtex and Avent. I preferred the Avent but Playtex was much more convenient.

    Diapers: I preferred Pampers.

    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider: glider

    Instead of a change table, I bought a 'Rail Rider' which hooked onto the rails of the crib and was a perfect, inexpensive change table that lasted through both of my kids right up until they left the crib.

    If you're considering a bouncy chair, Fisher Price has a 'grow with me' (or something like that) rocking chair that converts from a bouncy seat to a rocking until they're 3-4 years old.

    It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you all need, I ended up getting way too much stuff that never got used.
  11. Well...I live in Germany so my recs won't be of too much help :smile:
  12. Well...Maybe I can, I'll put my answers up anyway :smile:


    We have a regular pram and a MacLaren Quest Mod Retro. Both are very nice. We don't have one of those travel systems that are popular in the US. We've found them unnecessary for our needs.

    Infant car seat:

    I have a Roemer Baby Safe Plus in my car, and we put it in Bart's car when he has to go somewhere with the baby. Mom has a Graco SnugRide in her car. We like both very much. We have already bought our next carseat, which is the Britax Marathon (in Ashley Floral).


    We have a Mei Tai and a Ring Sling

    Diaper Pail:

    Don't have or use one. We mainly cloth diaper, but when we do use a disposable, we just throw it in the garbage which gets emptied everyday anyway.

    Breast pump:

    Medela Pump in Style. It's an electric breast pump that pumps both breasts at the same time. I use this nearly every day!


    We don't use them, but for storage we have the Avent bottles since they were recommended to us from good friends.


    We cloth diaper, but use disposable when we are traveling or are going out with the baby. We mainly use Huggies Gentle Care since my mom buys them at the military base here and we also use Pampers New Baby and Pampers Baby Dry :smile:

    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider:

    Don't have one, so I dunno
  13. That's what I was wondering about those! I was very interested in them until I noticed that. I was thinking they had some seperate basket attachment since I noticed a few of the things are to be purchased seperately... but no? Makes no sense to have no storage in a stroller, especially one that's a bit pricey.
  14. Stroller: I have had three. First was an Eddie Bauer carriage, then was a heavy Maclaren (to lazy to look at the name) and the lighter Maclaren we use now, called the "Volo"
    Infant car seat: Eddie Bauer
    Sling: Bjorn
    Diaper Pail: Don't remember
    Breast pump: N/A
    Bottles: Avent
    Diapers: Pampers
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider: N/A
  15. I have 2 kids and this is what I've aquired with my 2.

    Stroller- I've used 2 Graco's, a Maclaren and a Mountain Buggy and both kids didn't like 'em. I currently own the Bugaboo Cameleon for my son and he loves it. The storage on the bottom is larger that on the frog so I don't have a problem there. He has a diaper bag that I throw over the handle bars and it's perfect. He sleeps like a baby in this thing, it's easy to push, DH loves how the handle bars can be adjusted because he's so tall.
    Infant car seat- My daughter used the Graco snugride and my son had the Britax Companion as his infant car seat. The Britax Companion was pretty cool because of the head supports. Most head supports still makes the baby's head flop to the side or forward. But with the Britax, it held his head in place. The only issue was that it was heavy and wider than most infant car seats. It was tough when we went out to eat because it wouldn't fit in certain booths sideways like most because it was a bit wide. As far as safety, it felt the safest to me.
    Sling-Used the baby bjorn for both and also use a BabyHawk Mei Tei carrier for my son. The Mei Tei is cool because I love the custom pattern. He loves both but I find it easier to use the baby bjorn. I hated the straps touching the floor when I would strap him in to the BabyHawk so I don't use it often. He's always in his stroller anyways.
    Diaper Pail- Don't know what I would do without my Diaper Genie 2
    Breast pump- I used the Medela Pump in style for both. My sister bought me some other breast pump with my daughter and I hated that thing. The Medela is the best choice!
    Bottles- I've used the medela bottles for when I was breast feeding and pumping. Then I switched to Avent when formula was being used for both kids.
    Diapers- Swaddler are the best! I've used it for both and then graduated to pampers cruisers. I've tried Huggies on my daughter but it was tougher for me to tell if she was wet and it seemed to leak. Pampers worked better for both kids. No accidents with number 2 yet!
    Rocker vs. glider vs. swivel rocker/glider- I had a rocker but never used it. I got lucky. Both kids were only fussy when they were hungry so I was usually feeding them in bed.

    Wipes-If you're going to use baby wipes, use sensitive. I've used pampers sensitive on both kids and never had a rash as long as I used them. I once bought different scents for my daughter to change it up but she ended up getting a diaper rash. Once I switched back to sensitive, the rash went away and never came back.

    For gas-Gripe water works wonders on gas!

    Just like gapaholic13 said, it can be overwhelming. There was so much I didn't use with my first and learned with my second. I think I just enjoyed getting a bunch of stuff! Ya learn that you don't need most.