Recommendations on a great silver bag?


Jul 7, 2006
New York, NY
I think I need something in a nice soft pewterish color. I have the MAM in pewter/black and love it, but it's just silver accent, and I feel a little like the pewter part of it is delicate and wearing off a little in places (just because I'm so darned picky that as soon as I see a smudgy thing I freak out).

Last summer I bought and returned from Nordstrom the Elliot Lucca tote in pewter and the Junior Drake Megan in pewter too. Both of them were a little deep and flat for me, though I liked the colors.

I've recently seen a couple Botkiers that I loved that were silver, though I am having a hard time believing they were leather as they were just SO SOFT, and I just got a jean Sasha so I can't justify getting another Sasha. But given that I love the Botkier silver/pewter, what else is out there that you ladies might recommend?

I am steering clear of Kooba though I think their pewter Elisha is gorgeous. Ideal would be something on sale right now, or running under $500 or less.


Aug 14, 2006
You should go over and visit the Belen Echandia board. In the fall collection, there is a bag called the Whisper To Me Midi that looks amazing in the pewter color. Their leather is very sturdy, thick, and gorgeous!