Recommendations for sweet fruity white wines??

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  1. After treating my feet I'm sure he needs a few drinks. When I was a kid I'd ask my farmer-grandma "Grandma, why don't you ever wear shoes?" and she'd say "Honey chil' there ain't nobody make shoes for feet like this." By age 30 I had Grandma's feet. Amazing, just amazing... :smile: At least I don't spend much time in the Christian Loubotin forum.
  2. That's funny! I just had some Moscato last night. I, too, thought it was VERY sweet. I usually prefer pino grigio or sauv. blanc.

    Try a reisling. You'll love it.
  3. That's how I've always pronounced it, too.
  4. I can't do red wine to save my life, so I drink white with everything. The "rules" have sort of gone out the window, and people chose to drink whatever their heart desires. Just like if we're having a nice seafood risotto here at home and I feel like drinking a beer - I'll do just that.

    Drink what you like!
  5. Try a Gewurztraminer!

    It's sweet light and refreshing.
  6. I bought 5 new bottles today to take with me while we go camping tomorrow!! Might I add.. Some of those bottles I got from what you all recommended!! I also got a bottle of Riesling!!
  7. That's my favourite too! It's a delicious white wine from Alsace, France.
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    now *that* is a great idea! i am going camping on thursday-sunday and didn't even think about bringing wine! what a great idea! :yahoo:
    another recommendation - my favorite champagne is Korbel Extra Dry. don't let the extra dry part scare you - it's actually sweet and not very dry at all. ;)

    i haven't really had a miss with any of the pinot grigios or reislings that i've tried. there is one reisling in a blue bottle with a sun on it (forget the name) that i bought pretty regularly and really liked. pinot grigio just goes down SO nicely for bitterness.

    i will drink white wine regardless of what i'm eating. i am not a big red wine fan unless it's beaujolais - a lighter red - and don't really care what anyone thinks. :nogood:
  9. Tried one of the Rieslings and ack, it was really bitter. I have one more bottle of Riesling to go. I hope it tastes a lot better. Aside from that, the other bottles were REALLY yummy!!
  10. Go with a Riesling!
  11. Ohh, I love moscato! I see you're from the bay area? Pizza Antica in Santana Row has the best bottle of moscato!! You must try it!
  12. All rieslings are different unfortunately. The sweeter ones tend to be in the darker bottles where the lighter, crisper, more mineral ones tend to be in green or clear bottles. There's also a term used at times, late harvest, this usually equals sweeter. I find that Chateau St. Michelle Riesling is a nice intermediate, not too dry and mineral and not too syrup sweet. Hogue is one brand that you can commonly find both late harvest and regular rieslings clearly identified, I would recommend giving their late harvest a shot, I'm not a fan of the sweet ones all the time, but when I'm in the mood I like the Hogue late harvest very much.
  13. How do you pronounce it?

    I'd love to try it. Is it as sweet as Riesling? I love Riesling.