Recommendations for sweet fruity white wines??

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  1. I definitely recommend Riesling! So yummy.
  2. Mmmm that sounds good.....
  3. Well good to know I'm not the only one who just wants to drink whatever she wants no matter what she drinks. I have gone to one wine tasting and it was ehhh. They had lots of reds which I'm not that into. I look forward to going to another one though!! And yes, I know some restaurants have wine flights, I think I'll try it!! Thanks for the tip, and for the warm welcome to the "life of a wino"!! Cheers indeed!! :drinkup:
  4. Ooooh, I'm wanting to go to BevMo to go look!!
  5. I've been hearing a lot about this Riesling (how do you pronounce it!?).. I think I'm going to have to try some!!
  6. I think it's pronounced with a long "i" as in RIse-ling, accent on the first syllable. That's how I heard a waiter pronounce it once.

    I'm not much of a wine fan and rarely drink it, but I love Riesling. I especially like the German varieties which are sweet and light. There's some vineyard with two S's in the name...Shoen...Schoon...something like that. I pick up a bottle of that when I see it. I'm less fond of the Australian varieties.

    I didn't know it was a desert wine. I usually order it to sip before dinner irregardless of what the meal will be. I think it's a nice wine to nurse when you're sitting outside in the sun on one of those patio restaurants.
  7. Thanks for the note on how to pronounce it correctly. I don't wanna sound like a nut when ordering it. LOL.

    And man, the way you guys talk about this Riesling.. Makes it sound sooo goood!! Reminds me of sipping some at a beach house as the sun goes down.

    Just a quick question, my DF hates the strong taste of alcohol in some wines. Is this one very strong or faint??
  8. I think it's pretty faint. I hate the strong taste of alcohol too.

    I don't know where you are and if you can find this, but a light wine that's very popular here in the Midwest is Prairie Fume from Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin. Everyone here loves it. It's very light, white, fruity. Not as sweet as Riesling and a little more sophisticated in flavor. The stuff you serve to "company." And it's only $8 a bottle.
  9. Wow, def. going to have to google the nearest location for that one!! (I'm in California BTW). Especially if its faint in the taste of the alcohol, coming from you, someone else who isn't to fond of a strong alcohol taste in the wine. Thanks for the info!! :tup:

    What do you mean by "sophisticated in flavor"?? Again, I'm new to all this wine stuff and don't quite know the lingo yet.. Shoot, I still don't know what the opposite of a dry wine is yet. Someone suggested the word, "juicy". LOL. Is that correct??

  10. Actually, it should be pronounced like REEZ-ling. :flowers:
  11. Oooh! Thank you! I've been pronouncing it the Other Way, like the name of my foot fungus doctor. :shocked: How embarrassing.
  12. I have no idea what "dry" means either. I once went to a wine-tasting but everything tasted the same to me after the first glass.

    Here's a link to a page about Prairie Fume' wine:
    Winemaker's Notes - Trade & Media - Wisconsin Wineries: Wollersheim Winery, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

    By sophisticated I meant that it isn't as sweet as Riesling wine, but it has other flavors kind of rolling through it. Can't describe it better than that.

    It's my favorite wine for cooking. I use it liberally when cooking chicken, vegetables and cream sauce. I think it adds flavor that's just heaven. Although DH dislikes it, but then he's a salt-and-pepper, meat-and-potatoes guy.

    DH thinks I'm weird because I can't drink red wine. It tastes like I'm drinking grape jelly. Too heavy, too rich, too sweet, too alcohol-y. I don't like wine coolers either because they taste like pop or Kool-Aid to me. But I love Riesling and Prairie Fume'.
  13. I LOVE Muscat/Moscato wines and all sweet wines!! My fav is Vsattui Muscat wine. They have wineries in Napa Valley and I thinks it's $19 per bottle. They don't sell the wine anywhere, just in their winery and online in their website.

    Sterling wineries in napa Valley also have a great dessert wine. It's even sweeter than Vsattui Muscat. I can't remember the name, but I will check it when I get back home.
  14. Oh and BevMo have one dessert wine that is super sweet if you want to try. They only have 2 types of dessert wine and it's the one with the blue bottle. It's ~$19 as well. I think Vsattui Muscat is more worth it than that one.

    Trader's Joe also have sweet dessert wine that is pretty cheap and good. Never tried one before because it's always sold out when I get there >.<

  15. LOL Sue! I nearly spit out my water. Now I'm picturing a foot fungus doctor having a glass of riesling. :nuts: