Recommendations for sweet fruity white wines??

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  1. Piesporter & hock are varieties of wine. I don't know enough about wine to know the differences, but I know if I get one of those it will be fruity, juicy, and non-bitter.

    I guess the opposite of dry is juicy? LOL.........
  2. SIMI Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite wine..and it's inexpensive. :smile:

    Simi Wines
  3. Where can I get it?? BevMo??
  4. What's it taste like?? Where can I get some!?!?
  5. I just came home from Trader Joe's and got some Peach Champagne that I usually get. Then I went to ask a worker for help for a moscato. He quickly and confidently suggested Sutter Home. He said it's very cherry like, so I don't know if I'll like it once I usually like pear and peach flavors. However, it was only $3.99 so I thought why the heck not!!
  6. It's citrusy...and light. If you click that link ''simi wines'' it will give you more info. I am sure you can find it in wine & spirit liquor stores. :yes:
  7. What about eating it with a meal?? Hehee. As you can see I'm trying to get away with drinking it no matter what I'm eating. :lol:

  8. It says on the site:

    Bright, light straw with a slight green cast.
    Aroma: Lime zest, honey dew melon, fresh grass and green fig lifted by a hint of minerality.
    Flavor: Citrusy blend of lemon, lime, mandarin and grapefruit, sweetened with green apple and fig layered with minerals and a crisp, clean finish.

    LMAO, I'm sorry. I had to laugh when I read it smells like fresh grass and has flavors of minerals?! However, I'm really curious to taste it because it saus it smells of honey dew WHICH I LOVE!! I never heard of a wine smelling honey dew.. I wonder if there's any hint of honey dew flavor??
  9. ^LOL....fresh grass?? That is so weird...I don't think it does! I can tell there is some honey dew taste to it..along with the other fruity tastes it mentions.
  10. Let me smell it...have some in the fridge.....
  11. Nope...don't smell fresh grass..lmao!

  12. Ohh, I def. wanna try it. I love the taste (esp. the after taste) of wine. However my DF hates the taste of alcohol itself and cant get himself to taste the yumminess AFTER the alcohol taste. Anyone know of any white wines that don't taste to alcoholy??
  13. :roflmfao: OMG that's too funny!! I wonder what they were thinking when they wrote that. Did they think it was yummy to say it smelled like grass?! They should have left that out and added to the fact that it tastes like honey dew in addition to it smelling like honey dew already. That would have sounded more attractive!! :yes:
  14. I say - go for it girl! :P I don't really follow the wine rules. Sometimes I'll have a white with my steak and no one's ever said anything and if they did? Oh well. I'm still going to enjoy my wine!

    Have you gone wine tasting? That might be a good way to figure out some whites that you like. Another great thing I love to do is to get wine flights at restaurants. It's usually a wine sampling of 4 different types of wines so it's a good way to try a little bit of everything.

    Welcome to the life of a wino. Cheers! :drinkup:
  15. I was going to suggest a Piesporter for you, too. It is a type of German wine that is very fruity and delicious and is just another type of wine made from a certain region from a certain grape. Just like Cabernet is red and so is Merlot, but made from different grapes.