Recommendations for sweet fruity white wines??

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  1. So I'm starting to like white wine (never really been into wine before, but now I'm starting to get into it!!). I don't know much about the different types of wines, or any wine knowledge at all!! I tend to only like the fruitier sweeter ones. Don't laugh, but today I went to dinner at the Olive Garden (my guilty pleasure), and they had a free tasting. I had the Castello del Poggio Moscato and it was pure bliss in my mouth. Has anyone ever had that wine?! And where the heck can I buy it?? (I'm assuming it's cheap and nothing fancy, I mean hello?? It was served at Olive Garden!! :lol:)I'm assuming that Moscato is the type of wine and I'm assuming that wines within that catagory taste similar?? If so, any other reccomendations for me?? TIA!! :flowers:
  2. If you go to a wine store, ask for a piesporter or hock. Those are fruity, less dry white wines.
  3. What us a "dry" wine??
  4. i am not a big fan of moscato (way too sweet for me) but i do like pinot grigio and reisling. those are my two favorite whites. :yes:
  5. Mine too!
  6. I never really got into wines before, because everyone would always serve me red taste isn't up there yet! Anyways, I also recently got into it. My SO is slowing getting me to try red wines, but for now, I'm all about white wines.

    You should try Verdi Sparkletini! They have peach, raspberry, and regular. I love peach and raspberry. I love fruity wines also, so you may like Verdi too.
  7. Rieslings and pinot grigios are my favorite whites. Since you want a more fruity wine though, I would go with a riesling since its a nice white dessert (sweet) wine. I would start asking waiters at restaurants what they recommend too but it sounds like a good dessert wine would be right up your alley.

    I love pinot grigios but I would say they have more a crisp taste than that sweet taste that you are looking for.
  8. Barefoot reisling from Trader Joes is sweet, light, and inexpensive.
  9. A dry wine usually has less of a juicy, fruity taste/feeling. To some people, a dry wine can taste bitter or puckerish.
  10. Ooooh, how are they compared to moscato?? Similar fruity sweetness??
  11. Oh so helpful. Thanks! What is the opposite of a dry wine?? A wet one??
  12. Ohh, I'm going to have to go try!! Thanks!!
  13. If it's a dessert wine, is it weird to drink it just to drink it w/o a dessert??
  14. Are piesporter or hock types of wines?? TIA!! :flowers:
  15. Nope, not at all. Most people I know enjoy dessert wines just by themselves. I guess the term "dessert" wine is really just more of a classification such as a full bodied wine, a light wine, a red wine, etc. :smile: