Recommendations for Supernatural or Ghost Novels

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  1. Hi!
    Does anyone have any recommendations for Ghost Novels or books about the supernatural, either fiction or non-fiction.
  2. Try typing ghost novels or supernatural on google and you will come up with a list of books on amazon. Good luck!
  3. A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons
    Bag of Bones by Stephen King
    Ghost Story by Peter Straub
  4. Anything by Isabel Allende. She is a chilean author and her fictional novels has a lot of supernatural/spirit themes that are cultural in nature. Try the House of the Spirits.
  5. The Lovely Bones - by Alice Sebold
  6. The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike. It's quite possibly the best horror novel I've ever read!
  7. Child of the Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold. It's not a horror novel, but it's supernatural and veryvery good. I think I read it in one day I was so drawn in! LOL.

    If you want flat out horror, I really like Bentley Little. The Resort is a good one.
  8. House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende is definitely a great book...The movie with Winona and Antonio Banderas is pretty good too but the story is changed around.

    What about Anne Rice's books? The Witching Hour was great!
  9. I love Anne Rice! Especially The Witching Hour and it's sequels. Also the Vampire Chronicles (of course).
  10. The Shining was super creepy. Also John Saul...his older stuff is good for a light scary read.
  11. Oh, I can list a hundred supernatural fiction books. I think I'll just list the ones that have some ghosts in them.
    Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic by Kelly Armstrong. These are the 3rd and 4th books in the Women of the Otherworld series. I've read 1 (about Werewolves) 2 is also about werewolves and 3 & 4 are about a witch. I think 5 & 6 are actually about ghosts but I just haven't gotten that far to recommend them yet (I know they are about 1 ghost that is in book #4). Ok, I hope this wasn't too confusing.
    If you like other supernatural things like vampires, werewolves, witches and mind readers, I can list lots more.
    Oh, The World of Darkness released a series of Wraith books. They are the company that created Vampire the Masquerade. I read some short stories about the wraiths but only read the werewolf and vampire series.
  12. I second that-super book!

  13. It's a great book but not exactly a ghost story, in the sense that I think the OP means.

    OT, have you read Lucky, Alice Sebold's first book? Really good!
  14. I wasn't sure if the OP meant more of a horror story - so I kind of slipped it in, LOL. Good book though and it's being made into a movie. Haven't read Lucky, might go and check it out.
  15. So funny that you said that because I read the book in Spanish then saw the movie years later and i wasn't sure if I was remembering the right book, they totally changed it!

    Her other books have the same themes as well: Daughter of Fortune, Of Love and Shadows, Eva Luna.