Recommendations for sunglasses for small/narrow face please

  1. Can anyone recommend some sunglasses for someone with a small/narrow face? I have a pair of Dior (not sure of style) and Chanel 5076Hs. Any suggestions for ones by Oliver Peoples or Tom Ford? Also would be interested in other Chanel styles that might work.

  2. Here are a few that might work. I have the OP Bella Donna and they are very flattering. The Tom Ford Jennifer is a smaller version of the Whitney. I tried those on but I like the cross nose bridge on the Whitney. The Jennifer is probably better for a small face.
    [​IMG]oliver peoples bella donna

    [​IMG]oliver peoples zed
    [​IMG]oliver peoples cameo
    [​IMG]Tom Ford Jennifer
  3. Thank you! I went to Nordstrom today and tried a bunch on and the Tom Ford Jennifer looked the best on me so I am going to get them later this week.