Recommendations for speedy organizers/base shapers?

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  1. I brought home my very firs speedy tonight (DE 35) and I think I am going to need some more structure/organization. Does anyone recommend a base shaper or purse organizer seller???
  2. I like
  3. Divide and Conquer from etsy, it is an amazing organizer/shaper. I purchased it for my Speedy DE 35 and it fits it perfectly and gives it good structure.
  4. +1!!! I love mine!
  5. +1 :smile: I have 2 from Pursebling and love them.
  6. to those speedy lover.. u prefer base shaper or purse organizer for ur speedy ?
  7. A lot of purse organizers also serve as base shapers so I would say go for a purse organizer.
    I have the same question as you and wonder which one is the lightest.
    I wanted to get one from pimpmyspeedy but they are out of stock for speedy 30 at the moment ...
    I have a divide and conquer for my NF GM but I'm looking for a cheaper option this time :-P
  8. Im very pleased with my 24/7 shaper from pimpmyspeedy. It gives shape to the bag plus adds extra pockets. I dont like the speedy slouchy so its perfect :smile:
    However, if i lived in usa id buy from divide and conquer. They dont ship internationally..
  9. I cut plastic placemats for my speedy b 25,it looks really good not sagging anymore!
  10. pimp your speedy