Recommendations for SAs at San Francisco/Union Sq store

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  1. I have always bought my LV from the Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus outlets within the respective stores for points. In any case, neither has the Sprouse bandanas and sarong that I want. I was curious if you ladies and gents have any recommendations for SAs at the San Francisco/Union Square store. I have never had good experience at that store, but figure I am game to give it a try again.

  2. I love all the sa at san francisco, union square, Neimans, jeniffer is my around favorite, call her on wednesday, tell her barbara sent you, 1-877*634-6264 ext:2170
  3. what are points, have I been living under a rock!
  4. Mariel is a very helpful & lovely SA, she works at the Union Square store. She is amazing. :tup:
  5. I absolutely love love Elba. She is a complete sweetheart who doesn't push you to buy things but will give you her honest opinion. She is in the ready to wear department but she knows a lot (and if she doesn't then she'll find out for you asap) about jewelry and bags. She has helped me find a lot of HTF items, so i highly recommend her.
  6. Ask for Patricia, she's my SA there and is quite helpful and very knowledgeable.