Recommendations for paid authentication services

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  1. Can someone recommend a fee-based authentication service that is good? Thank you very much.
  2. Hello all, I'm hoping to get your recommendations on a third party authenticator for Louis Vuitton. I trust our authenticators here completely and always had my pre-loved items authenticated by them but unfortunately, I have some items that are a little more time sensitive (due to return policies, etc). I still have it posted and is currently pending on the thread but I thought just to be on the safe side, I get it authenticated by a third party.

    I've heard mistakes have happened with Meme's Treasure and Carol Diva. I've recently heard about the Reality Check Authenticators but I'm not very familiar with them. I know Etinceler is highly recommended for Chanel by members and our authenticator...I was hoping there would be someone similar for Louis Vuitton.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, I have tried searching but I am having trouble. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a paid service to authenticate a bag? I have posted to the authentic this thread and they have a been a huge help, however it has not been confirmed authentic yet. I'm super nervous. It doesn't make it better that the seller is giving me a hard time. Thanks
  4. Could you help me with authentication

    Name: Louis Vuitton "loop"

    Seller: rfowler1

    Item #: NA.
    Date Code: M51147 Vintage


    IMG_1469257062.879857.jpg IMG_1469257108.970886.jpg IMG_1469257140.691491.jpg IMG_1469257183.983645.jpg IMG_1469257206.150947.jpg IMG_1469257231.512212.jpg IMG_1469257251.222252.jpg IMG_1469257325.933487.jpg
  5. You can try to have it authenticated by for $7 only
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  6. Have you tried She charges $7 only for Louis Vuitton bags
  7. I would highly recommend Authenticate4U.
  8. That is a replica. I'm 100% sure from years of experience.
  9. Hi,

    I was wondering of some good (reasonable priced) and quick third party authenticators to use for LV (specifically speedy 25). I have won an auction on the bag I would love to have for my bday on ebay, but wanna make sure it is authentic before buying and only have 72 hours according to the seller!

  10. their website is super out of date and gives 2015 information and closing times and etc. are they still in business?? i am looking for a service for prada...
  11. I recently got a bag from The Real Real and want to make sure that it is authentic, given the recent issues with fakes that I've heard about with The Real Real. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good and relatively quick authenticator for Louis Vuitton? Thanks!
  12. I use ****************** which I've been happy with. Not sure how it compares to other services.
  13. Ive used Authenticate4U several times and have been very happy. If you need to reach them the best way is via FB message.
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  14. Hello ladies, can you share to me the range of How much it cost for paid authentication service? Thank youuu!
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