Recommendations for our honeymoon itinerary...

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  1. We have finally booked the tickets for our honeymoon, so now it's time to draft the itinerary! :nuts: The destinations are Singapore, Dubai and Europe. Below is the plan so far so we would appreciate any recommendations of must-see/do and 'honeymoon-y' type things.

    • go to night zoo and have breakfast there
    • shop on Orchard Road
    • have high tea at the Raffles
    • any recommendations for lunch, dinner and accommodation?
    • visit Mall of Emirates
    • go to Wild Wadi Waterpark
    • stay at Burj Al Arab for two nights
    • stay at the Atlantis hotel for two nights
    • shop shop shop! :P
    • will probably go to Abu Dhabi for a day trip
    • any recommendations for PM entertainment locations and must-go-to restaurants?
    • dinner at the Ritz (is high tea or breakfast any good here also?)
    • dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant (Altitude I think?)
    • shop at the LV mothership :P
    • we will visit the various landmarks and museums that Paris is known for, but we are after recommendations for apartments and great cafes/restaurants which are very popular with locals rather than tourists
    • also which markets should we visit, and are they safe?
    • any recommendations for a chauteau that isn't overly expensive?
    • will definitely be visiting Rome (Vatican City), Milan, Venice and Florence
    • also want to visit the coastal cities like Sordello and Sorrento but not sure which to choose - can anyone recommend us places?
    Other destinations in Europe
    • we are arriving in Paris and leaving Milan so can visit anywhere between those places, is there anywhere else that is highly recommended?
    Thanks for reading all that, and thanks for all your suggestions in advance! :flowers:
  2. Hi! If you want to be very very close to Vatican City and have a cheap accomodation take a look at it's a b&b, I stayed there and had a nice staying, in big cities you have to be very careful about the hotel you book!
    Personally I am not a big fan of Milano, I find it a bit sad, it's great for shopping but in the end you're going to find everything in the other cities you're going to visit.
    How many days are you going to spend in each italian city?
    I would like to recommed you to visit Pompei instead of Milano. It's clear that is your honeymoon and I don't know you so I don't know if you are more into shopping or sightseeing or like ancient history etc... I am just telling that if I could choose between one day in Pompei and one in Milan I would prefer to see Pompei. Maybe while you go from Venice to Milano you could stop for one day in Verona, personally I really like it, it's a lot better than Milano! In fact in Verona there is the Arena (it's a sort of small Colosseo) and the famous Juliet and Romeo's balcony. Just let me know if you want more infos about Italy :smile:
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions Alice! The reason we have to go to Milan is because the times to fly to Dubai from there were most convenient for us. As Mr TFFC enjoys shopping as well (yay!), we really want a balance of shopping and sightseeing (the historical bit). Thanks for the accommodation recommendation!

    Are there any markets in Italy that you would recommend?

    We aren't sure how long we're staying in each city yet. Do you think one day is enough in Venice? I don't know what else to do there except go on a gondola ride (pardon my ignorance please!)
  4. Sorrento is beautiful!! It was maybe 1/2 a day's drive from Rome. We got there, checked in at our hotel (which had a balcony with a beautiful view of Mt Vesuvius! :nuts:), then visited a local woodworking place, then we had dinner, etc. The next day we spent at Pompeii, which was a short drive. The following day we drove to Naples (also a short drive), and took a ferry from there to Capri.

    I normally like to see new places when I travel, but I'd do this exact itinerary again. It was great! :tup:
  5. You're welcome :smile:

    Well, in Milano you could see a special painting, L'ultima cena by Leonardo da Vinci, I think it's the only thing very interesting you can do but if you want to do it you have to book in advance of many months, so you may consider Milano only for shopping while in Venice, Florence and Rome you can have a sightseeing of higher level.

    I usually don't go to markets but I know that in Roma there is a very famous market located in Porta Portese, but be carefull it's full of fakes and sometimes there are pickpockets.

    Well, about 1 day in Venice I think it depends on what are your interests! Venice is great if you're interested in history of architectur (just look around you, you don't have to go to museum...), you can make a walk and watch Piazza S. Marco and Ponte dei Sospiri and Rialto. Then you can make a tour by boat and visit Burano/Murano/Torcello. In Burano there are the typical houses of fishmen, they are all colorful, in Murano they make glass and in Torcello there is just a church - I went there when I was 12 or more or less that age, we went with the school. Maybe you can spend one day in Venice and one day to make such trip or visit Verona.
    I've never go on a gondola, be careful because only tourists go on gondola, so the prices are very high, I think you have to pay at least 50/60 euro. I don't if they have a fixed price, but try to negotiate with them. You usually don't negotiate prices in Italy, but I think you can give a try to people who rides gondola (BTW only people with a special diploma can ride a gondola!).
    I'm glad to see that somebody suggested Pompei too!
    Are you more interested in architecture, arts, nice landscapes, etc? Tell me this and I'll try to think about more suggestions for you! :heart:

    We aren't sure how long we're staying in each city yet. Do you think one day is enough in Venice? I don't know what else to do there except go on a gondola ride (pardon my ignorance please!)[/quote]
  6. Sounds like a great itinerary!

    We had a Europe/HK/Tokyo Honeymoon for 5 weeks and it was so tiring , although very fun. I dragged DH to all the outlets as well, and he's not into shopping at all

    We did a quick 1 day-er to London from Paris via Eurostar - It's an experience you have to try (just like the Shinkansen in Japan)

    We also did the Eurail (Artesia) in a Private 2 person Sleeper car from Paris to Florence (although you can do it from Milan to Paris) as that is also an experience to try, as you travel overnight. It's just so retro and like the movies, i had to try it :P

    Italy - I also recommend visiting Florence. I found it more friendlier and laid back than Rome. You can also do a day trip to Leaning Tower of Pisa, plus the Space/Prada outlet and The Mall ( Gucci, Burberry, Tods etc..)

    Pompeii is great too (although there are adandoned dogs everywhere).

    I did not go to Venice, but my friends did for their honeymoon, and they got a "Free" tour of the Murano Glass Factory where they took them via private speedboat as it's on an island, but since they did not buy anything there, they were told to catch a public ferry back to shore, so you will need to be careful of these types of stuff.

    Also, apparently, buying fakes is illegal in Italy, but selling is not! (Although i know you won't buy fakes anyway, but FYI)

    Paris - Eiffel Tower - There is always a huge cue to go up top, so plan your time accordingly.

    Museums - Also plan accordingly as they close on a certain day each week.

    It's cheesy but visit Euro Disney too! One stop before Eurodisney is another outlet (with longchamp etc).

    Try and visit the Moulin Rouge (smart attire required) so best to book before hand (from Viator or another tour company)

    That's all i can think of at the moment, but there's definitely plenty of planning to do.

    Also, i find that their hotel star rating in Europe is different to ours so you will need to do research online.
  7. Thanks for your contributions, claire, alice and kasumi! Wow I didn't know that you need a diploma to ride a gondola!

    We will definitely visit Euro Disney kasumi, I've always wanted to visit a Disneyland somewhere. How did people ever research for their holidays before the internet came along! :P
  8. I was in Paris five years ago and we found the most amazing icecream place ever!!!! I can't remember what it was called or where it was but there was a queue of locals and tourists outside of it and we had to queue for 20 mins!! It was so worth it!! Pity I can't remember the name of it :sad:

    If you are visiting Italy, I really recommend Amalfi and staying in the Hotel Santa Caterina. I cannot say this enough! It's AMAZING!!! I recommend it to everybody who asks me about the Amalfi coast. It's a beautiful hotel and it's beach club is built into the cliff so you get an elevator from the hotel down through the cliff to the beach club deck, oh it was just divine. It is expensive though in high season. But hey, if it's good enough for Angelina and Brad and Hillary Clinton! Positano is lovely too but I can't recommend a hotel there as I didn't actually stay there.