Recommendations for Makeup Remover Towelette?

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  1. I finished using the new Revlon pomegranate and chamomile and it was just ok. I'm looking for something that is not stingy and will remove waterproof masacara. I do have combo oily skin so I would prefer something that won't cause any acne flare ups. I don't mind washing again after using the towelette so please, if anyone has any good suggestions, let me know. TIA!
  2. I like Dove cleansing cloth. I don't use it on a daily basis, but they come in handy when I travel and don't want to bring makeup remover, cleanser, etc. I have oily/combo skin and my skin was fine when using this. Hope this helps!
  3. I use Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes. These retail for $11.49 for 150 (!) towelettes at Costco. I love them. I have no trouble at all wiping away a day's worth of makeup with these, and they fare pretty well with waterproof mascara. I previously used MAC Wipes, but I have since switched over.
  4. I use the Kirkland baby wipes at costco. It's like $15 for 704 wipes.
  5. I used to use the Neutrogena ones which worked great for me. I recently got cheap and switched to Target brand but once this pack is done, I'm going to try out the Cost Kirkland Facial Towelettes.
  6. I use the Target brand face wipes which I don't mind but I found their baby wipes work better :smile:
  7. the clean & clear wipes are surprisingly nice
  8. I like the Comodynes brand can get them at Trader Joe's! They sell several kinds, but TJ's only has one kind -- the oatmeal ones, which are the best, I have found. :smile:
  9. I've used them all but I think plain old Duane Reade Brand Make-up Remover Towlettes works best for me - treally thick, thicker than the others I think which I like, and really moist so you can go over your face, neck, and even your chest if you like without the towlette drying out too quickly...
  10. I love the MAC wipes!
  11. I like the Sephora brand, I don't wear waterproof masacra so I don't know if these will work for you, but these seem to get every speck of makeup off of my face
  12. Another thumbs-up on Comodynes from TJ's:tup: I keep these handy when I travel.
  13. Anybody tried the Pond's towelettes?
  14. This is what I use, too.
  15. I love the Mac wipes, but refuse to pay that much for them.

    My new faves are the Pond's ones-- with the "green" on the package.
    LOVE them!