Recommendations for Longest Lasting Liplgoss?

  1. I really don't like lipstick and find that lipgloss doesn't last as long without constant retouching. Does anyone have suggestions for lipgloss that lasts for a long time? The best ones I've found so far are all from MAC, and I wanted to branch out and try some new things. I don't mind sticky glosses - as long as it stays put I'm golden!
  2. Well, Maybelline Supergloss works really well for me. It's kinda like those semi-perm lipsticks that have the base color that dries really fast and the moisturizer overlay. It tends to be a little sticky, but it doesn't help that I really love super shiny lips, but the color stays put. Normal application of the clear gloss overlay is just perfect, not too heavy and not too sticky. And the best thing is that they're cheap.
  3. I own a lot of lipgloss from smashbox cosmetics...I really love them.
  4. try laura mercier lip stain, you can sample it at sephoria
  5. Chanel glossimers and their clear gloss cristalle
  6. i agree with chanel glossimers, their pigment stays really well.
  7. Unfortunately, the "glossier" the lip color is the less likely it is to last. That's the nature of the beast. If you use one that's highly pigmented, then at lease it will leave a stain after the gloss is gone.
  8. Agreed!
  9. Sephora :p
  10. I love Chanel too!
  11. I happen to love Chanel Glossimer I have i in several colors as smetimes my lips tur a deeper pink/red if I eat spicy food or something! I tend to also use mabeline gloss
  12. Wow lots of votes for Chanel! I'm going to have to try some out the next time I'm at the mall!
  13. another vote for chanel............!! chanel rocks
  14. here here!! Works fabulously over my lipstick :tup:
  15. just for gloss to stay hours i think lancome juicy tubes are the best!
    theyre sticky as hell but they stay put for hours!