Recommendations for leather jackets?

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  1. I'll be heading back to Paris for a couple of weeks in January for the winter sales (YAAAY!!) and was hoping to pick up a leather jacket there if the prices are good.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for brands over there because I honestly have no idea which are good or which brand even sells leather jackets? Sadly not super expensive like Balenciaga as much as I'd like to but maximum 500 euro price range.

    Thank you!!

  2. Look out for Oakwood or Redskins (I lived in Paris for 9 years and had both of these).
    Unfortunately the fashion is often for second hand Schott Perfectos, or at the other extreme, mink coats..

    Have fun looking - try Galerie Lafayette - they have a great leather section...
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Cullinan! I was going to just haunt Sandro or ba&sh to see if i like their leather quality but i'll see if I can find the two brands you mentioned plus of course Lafayette :smile:
  4. You're welcome!

    Galleries Lafayette sell every style at every price point including these 2 - they're like the Selfridges of Paris, but much bigger.
    Next door is Printemps, which is also good.

    I'm sure you'll find one in either of these stores:smile:
  5. What about zadig & Voltaire?

  6. They're just a single brand so the selection would be much smaller but you might strike lucky...:smile:

  7. I was going to check them out too just as part of general sales shopping but someone mentioned on another thread here that Zadig's quality is bad?
  8. you might be able to find a rick owens at the height of sales for that price. or you could go vintage, there are some awsome vintage stores all around paris with all sorts of pieces if you have the patience, you could find something great.
  9. Yes, vintage leather jackets are everywhere in Paris - if you want a designer one look for a "depot vente".