Recommendations for Leather jackets!

  1. I've become an addict of leather jackets!! I want one too.. but can anyone recommend a good brand or where can I get one?

    I've browsed through Mike & Chris, Theory, Blue Heroes..

    Any more?
  2. You might want to look at I've bought a couple of leather coats from them and the quality is top-notch.
  3. Go for natural colors, like shades of black or brown.
  4. Tracy Reese makes nice ones-- she makes them with a girlie flare and are always lined in silk with pretty prints!
  5. The leather that Theory uses is unbelievably soft! It's lambskin and terrific quality. In fact, this weekend at Saks, I picked up a Theory leather jacket on sale for $229 after tax from $795!
  6. OMG~~ you must be kidding me!! I saw a Theory one as well but I just don't have that much to spend on it!!! What kind did you get?!?! I wonder if it's the one I saw~
  7. ooh, great post Pei! i was wondering the same thing, but i've never had a leather jacket before. Can someone please help me start search for a leather fitted bomber?
  8. ^^ I re-read my post and it seems a bit disrepectful that I'm using this thread for my own thing. Sorry Pei, if it is a disrespectful gesture!
  9. It's fine^^ I can also browse throught them~:heart:
  10. Woo hoo!! I found my dream leather jacket!! Thanks!
  11. Remember, it's easier to wear a brown bag with a black jacket than it is to wear a brown jacket with a black bag.

    Black just goes with more.....and you can dress it up or down.
  12. Thanks for the reminder... I'll definitely choose black first!
  13. oo, nice! :tup: What brand is that and how much does it cost?
  14. Mackage has some really amazing leather coats coming out for Fall. I had a look at their website and they haven't shown the line yet but there are some amazing shrunken leather coats that are just TDF! I suggest writing and finding out when the collection is coming out. Two of the styles I particularly liked for Fall are the Cori and the Bo. :yes: