Recommendations for interior cleaning......

  1. My sister is about to have a mini stroke. She spilled handwash in her new Marc Jacobs handbag and is wondering how to go about getting the stain out. The interior is beige. If it needs a professional cleaning, she's in Dallas, if anyone knows of a professional cleaning establishment that's good.
    Thanks, ladies!
  2. I've used Margarets recently and I will say that although the bag came back gorgeous and took 1.5 months! It was 3 weeks past it's scheduled completion date and then they shipped it back UPS so it took an additional week to arrive. And, they still charged me for the shipping! :sad: Not so much.
  3. Oh my! I think I'll try contacting some of the gals who live here and see if they have any ideas. Thanks! BTW, I love the pooping horse too.
  4. aw good luck! i'm not very experienced in these areas but i've read good things about margarets. also: don't try to fix it yourself first. you might make the damage worse and set the stain
  5. That's exactly what happened. I guess she figured, it's handwash. I'll clean it myself and it'll dry and fade out. It started to foam and spread and got so much worse. My poor sissy!
  6. Aww, I spilled coffee in my tote too (with beige lining as well) so I feel the pain! I tried wiping it with water but it made the suede stiff, so I'm no help... An SA I talked to suggested a "suede eraser"? But good luck!