Recommendations for Hermes in Monaco, France...

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  1. Hello Ladies:

    The love of my life is in Monaco for business this week and called to ask what I "need" from Hermes :yahoo::yahoo: I'm being pretty nice and only asking for a few enamel bracelet and scarfs. If there are certain prints that I can't get in the US, please let me know.

    Any recommendations on an SA, would be great as well.

    Thanks :yes:
  2. ALL SAs in Monaco are Super nice, Super helpful and Super willing-to-please-the-customer.

    Whoever you are they will do their best to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

    It is my favorite store for that very reason.
  3. You say: Darling, oh Hermes Monaco! your absolute BEST for me if you will:cutesy::rolleyes::kiss::shame:
    Don't push it DCC, relax and enjoy no matter what. It is love of your life we're talking about after all!
  4. don't push it? huh?
  5. Just wanted to say thanks to my fellow TPFer ;) for a lead on getting a scarf especially made for Monaco and the Princess Grace Trust to benefit charity. My Love :love: got 4 for me surprise leather item:woohoo::yahoo:. Can't wait for him to return home and show them to you guys.
  6. Oh I cant wait to see what you got!