recommendations for first Chanel ever - pink flap?

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  1. Hi guys! This is my first post here! I really enjoy looking at all the photos and discussion about Chanel and I am thinking of buying one for my 20th birthday. I've earned my own money through tutoring for two years and I've spend most of it on treating my family and two wonderful trips to Japan. So I have a holiday job right now and I will have the money to buy a preloved Chanel- yay! And I do want to treat myself as the past school year has been really tough.
    So my dilemma: I thought I really loved the pink Chanel flap: it's just so cute and feminine, but it doesn't seem as versatile and hard to match with clothes (I've attached a picture from Instagram to demonstrate what I mean). At the same time I don't really want to buy a black one since I'm not a fan of black bags but I do see that ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468844207.357537.jpg they are so classic. So I guess my next choices would be beige and burgundy. What do you guys think? Please give me some opinions and modelling shots would be great!
  2. Maybe get a nude/flesh color bag. It's a great neutral, but will still have a bit of that pick tone you like. They can be tough to find though. Good luck.
  3. I think pink is cute. Good for your age too, youthful and bubbly. Perhaps a lighter pink is more versatile? But of course it would need more tlc. I am also not a fan of the usual black:smile: good luck and let us know when you find your bag!
  4. I definitely feel u. I always gravitate towards the colorful Chanel. Love the pink. I think it looks great on those celebs. But recently, I realized the black does fit so much more. Partly cos I'm always getting colorful clothes hmmm.

    But if I had one Chanel, I'd get the pink first hehe. That is if u can find a nice pink with ur fav combo in Japan.

    Or perhaps a rare charcoal gunmetal grey would be nice too. They had one from 16C. I SO regret not getting it.
  5. I have pink Chanel and it's one of my most used flaps. It's extremely versatile and goes with so many things. I say go for it
  6. Hm I think that would be a good idea. Neutrals would suit colours like blue which pink wouldn't suit. My originally planned second bag after the pink Chanel is a neutral beige. It's as classy as the black imo, especially with gold hardware.
  7. Hi-5! I would get a black at some point in life but I have many decades to wear a black Chanel and look classy but only so many years to look cute before it's inappropriate. I also agree that a baby pink would work better than say a fuchsia. Will def post when I get the bag!
  8. I also think a baby blueish grey would work, but I haven't seen many around. I will look at charcoal grey too. I prefer pink with ghw, shw makes it seem kinda washed out imo. I'm looking at getting it from a Japanese consignment store. Really regret that I wasn't interested in Chanel when I visited Japan before, it would have been consignment store heaven!
  9. Ohhh may I ask the size, leather and hw? Modelling shots pretty please?
  10. get what you want!! cause you're the one who will be wearing it :smile: but having said that, if you're only gonna get ONE chanel... i still would say black is hands down the most timeless, most versatile, and matches everything!! pink is harder to match IMHO, so maybe try to find a beige, dark beige, grey, or taupe!! there was a BEAUTIFUL taupe from 14B in caviar and also a lambskin version as well. both were recently shared on the forum!!
  11. Jumbo Fushia soft caviar with is mod shot
  12. Here is pic

    Attached Files:

  13. I definitely will be buying more than one Chanel hahah. My intended list (in chronological order) would be pink, beige, burgundy/brown/taupe and black. But I think it will take me a few years since I haven't graduated from university yet. I'll look into grey though since you are the second person who has recommended it. It may move itself to the top of my list!
  14. Wow it looks beautiful on you,especially with lighter coloured clothing!
  15. Thanks, I prefer colored flaps over black flaps. I have fushia pink, red, turquoise,pink/blush and black flaps. I find that colored flaps work well within my wardrobe for pops of color. My black flap leaves me feeling underwhelmed but it's a necessary and standard Chanel.