Recommendations for eye plastic surgery (all around)

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  1. #1 Mar 27, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
    Hey guys, I am looking for a clinic to do basically all the procedures for the eye it seems. I talked to some clinics and they recommended ptosis, eyelid revision, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty and hotzcanthoplasty. Basically, what all these does is first, correct my correct eyelid surgery that didn't go so well (:/ ) and also to open up my eyes all the way around from opening the eye corners to the bottom of my eyes going horizontally and lowering it a bit.

    Do any of you guys have any clinics you recommend??

    I am looking at:
    1. Teium (But it seems like Dr. Kwon doesn't really do lateral canthoplasty or hotzcanthplasty, haven't seen any pics :/ )
    2. ID Hospital (There's some bad reviews and it seems they specializes in v-line surgery, they did say if I share my experience they can do a 10-50% discount...maybe? I did hear they are very streamlined, like they get people in and out... it's good and bad ?? Don't know how I feel about this topic yet).
    3. Wonjin (Good and bad reviews, I really like the B&A they have, but they do have a story of someone dying there? O_O)
    4. JW Plastic Surgery (Maybe? Heard a lot of good reviews but don't really like B&A, does anyone have experience???)
    5. ITEM Plastic Surgery (still looking into, seems really nice, not yet heard a reply yet).

    If anyone know any other hospital or surgeons you recommend, let me know!!

    Some of my friends say that all of the clinics in Korea seems to be fine for the eyes. BUT!! I'm doing so much I don't want them to mess up!

    I did look at Cinderella, but boy are they expensive...:/
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  2. Hi Ayupop, please make sure whoever you're going to do your surgery with examines you properly, to ensure you're a suitable candidate for epicanthoplasty. This procedure can really change the way you look and not everyone has to have epi done to 'open up their eyes'. I had epi done and really regret it. It happened to quite a lot of forumers as well. So don't just naively take the doctor's word for it.
  3. Plz do not go for epi surgery! Unless ur eyes are very far away frm one another! I had mine last mth at grand and i completely regret it. No doc can make exact same shape and size of the epi corners. Plz dun go for it~!
  4. hey Ayupop, while I personally don't know what any of those clinics are like, I cannot stress enough that you steer clear of ID. There are plenty of negative experiences about ID hospital here on PF and a handful on realself.One example for you:

    I would also recommend that you avoid Wonjin too, the negative reviews outweigh the positive experiences. I myself am heading to Seoul in September for eye bag fat repositioning so I've been looking at clinics that specialise in the eye area as well. I've got consultations lined up with Jayjun, Cooki, ITEM and iWell. Wannabe is another clinic that is worth trying to get in contact with! Late last year I was able to get in contact with them but I've noticed that since the beginning of this year they have stopped responding to all the 'online consultations' on their English website :sad: good luck :smile:
  5. Ok, thank you for the advice! I think I want it because my eyes are a bit further from my nose and mongolian fold :/// my previous doctor didn't do a good job on my fold either.

    How was Grand btw? Would you recommend them or no?

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  6. #6 Mar 28, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
    Ok! I will cross that off the list too and look at the ones you recommend! Thank you!! iWell looks amazing! I am contacting them and ITEM :smile: Thanks!
  7. No grand~i was a victim there.
  8. I forgot to mention ayupop; stay well away from Grand and Pitangui as well. Grand have had their fair share of terrible outcomes, their head doctor is completely arrogant and 1 patient fell into a coma, followed by death:

    I implore you to look at the Pitangui thread here as well from about p.45 onwards, they don't exactly have glowing reviews despite them touting their 'specialists in eye surgery' status. Read Vanillacreme's experience on p. 45 and other people's bad experiences with them start to be revealed from p. 46 onwards.

  9. U seem to look at big hospitals. They give you attractive prices to come to consultations and they are kind of like factory.. they switch doctors in the middle of surgery and it is super dangerous. (I heard it like that but I never experienced)

    For cinderella, the quote scares u off a bit but try to come for consultation even if it is just for fun they might give u good price at the end (koz i've been there done that. I thought theyre expensive but i'm in gangnam anyway so i stopped by anyway then they cut the price huge amount..)

    for other hospital, look at their styles and maybe go for smaller hospital that has maybe has a few doctors just enough for 1 small hospital.
  10. Really? Ok! I will, I really like Cinderella.

    Now I am looking at smaller hospitals because of suggestions by people on this forum which helps a lot! I crossed Teium, Grand, ID, Wonjin off my list haha.

    I really like iWell and maybe ITEM. But I emailed ITEM and the lady seems kind of rude?? Maybe her English is just bad... I don't know. I think I might go to them for consultation in October and decide. Right now, iWell is at the top of my list and the doctors went to schools in the U.S. which I feel better about lol.
  11. Last year I was consulted about breast surgery at DA, and even though I didn't have surgery actually, but I generally satisfied their services. I felt the staffs were kind, Dr. was professional and the atmosphere was calm like a temple.
  12. Is scabbing normal? I'm getting a small one at the corner of one of my eyes

  13. ITEM also does pretty good job for eye surgery if u like dolly. Not sure about iwell i havent been reading the forums that much.. item is the home of all ulzzang lol..
    Its good that you cross off the big hospitals.. tbh i heard scary stuffs going around in the operation room (maybe its just rumor i also don't know)
  14. Stay away from The View Plastic Surgery Hospital as well...! they botched me up (left eye slightly nicer and rounder than my right) and i am probably going back to REAL Cosmetic Clinic as i'm happy with Dr. Kim with the previous work he has recently done on me. He is also known for doing eyes so i am excited to return to him again. Eyes revision will hopefully be my last procedure.
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  15. Hi there :smile:. I was considering REAL as well. What previous work did you have done with Dr. Kim? From his website it seems that his specialty is the suture method. Is that true?
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