Recommendations for documentaries

  1. good.
  2. The Interrupters (PBS) Former gang members try to break up violent confrontations before they happen. Also takes a look into crime in Chicago. It's 2 hours long but I loved every minute of it.
  3. - Paradise Lost 1, 2 & 3: the story of the West Memphis 3 & the child murders at Robin Hood Hills

    - Ganja Queen: the story of Australian Schapelle Corby convicted of drug smuggling into Indonesia, she maintains her innocence that the drugs were planted in her surf board bag by baggage handlers who plant drugs in passenger bags to ship between airports

    - George Harrison "Living in a Material World": Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison

    - There is Something Wrong with Aunt Diane: the story of Diane Schuler who left a campgrounds in upstate New York where she was vacationing with her family and set off towards home on Long Island. With her were five young children. Four hours later, she drove the wrong way on the Taconic State Parkway for nearly two miles – eventually crashing into an oncoming SUV, killing herself and seven others. One of the worst motor-vehicle accidents in New York State history, she was found to be drunk but he family denies that and maintains she had a medical issue.

    - Chasing Madoff: the story of how one investigator spend 10 yrs trying to expose Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme
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    "The Bridge" is one of my favorite documentaries.

    I just watched "12th & Delaware," because of this thread and I was so frustrated and angered within the first 13 minutes. I didn't think I would make it through the entire film, but I did. It was very powerful. Thanks for the recommendation.

    This is a great thread.
  5. ^^^Ohh, I think I saw that.

    some docs I catch after they've already started, then I have to go back and try to catch it from the begining with the title!
  6. I second (or third?) the suggestion for The September Issue.

    I'm curious about the Grey Gardens documentary. I'll have to look for it.
  7. Gas Land. About fracking that is going on here in America.
  8. Oh I also watched Capturing the Friedmans, and Paradise Lost 1 & 2 I think. Enjoyed them all!

    Totally going to look up some of the ones that have been suggested. Great thread!

  9. i didn't know they had a doc about the woman on the taconic yet. wow. i still remember the day that happened.

    tory_c and i have very similar lists. i would also add "paris is burning" and the rosie o'donnell doc about her gay cruise (i forget the name of it. it was on hbo some years ago.)

    been dying to see chasing madoff and can't seem to find it either on demand or on netflix.

    i also like watching docs about best of competitions like 'word games' (i think it's called) about people who play scrabble. there's also one i loved about a grocery bagging competition.

    and then there are the morgan suprlock movies: the greatest movie ever sold is really interesting as is manscape.

    i started watching a doc about dogs and the celebs who love them on netflix the other day. totally sweet.

    (i really hope i have all these names right. i'm totally blanking on everything right now)

    but piece of work and being elmo are just facinating.
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    FYI, some docs are available for free in full length on youtube if anyone is interested. :smile:

    The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief - *two thumbs up* Incredibly interesting!

    Red Without Blue - *thumbs down from me* - I enjoy docs that address lgbt issues, but this one was very slow paced, dull, and contained too much self-loathing. jmho. There is a video in the sidebar that gives an update on Clare. She's married now.

    Paris is Burning - *two thumbs up* - Chronicles the African American and Latino ballroom culture of the 80's in New York.
  11. hahaha, I so want to see this!
  12. Thanks for the links!

  13. Ohh, I saw this one. It was sooo cute & endearing.
  14. Dogtown the documentary was great! The movie was kinda cheesy, but I really liked it too. Have you seen the movie?

    American Hardcore is next!