Recommendations for breast pumps?

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  1. I'm trying to decide on what breast pump I should get and I'm feeling overwhelmed. Do I need an electric and a manual? Would love to hear any suggestions. :smile:
  2. I had the advent isis manual pump. Worked great I could get loads of milk (6-8 oz) in less then 10 mins. I had a great milk supply. I pumped enough to have a supply in the freezer so I could go out on my own if I wanted. My friend had the madela manual pump and loved it to.
  3. It depends on how much you need to pump and how often. I've heard great things about the Medela pump in style if you're going back to work and need to pump a great supply. It's electric and can double pump. I use a Medela manual and have the Medela electric single pump as a backup. I use them to help with engorgement and usually pump a couple of ounces once a day.

    Pellkell: 6-8 oz is awesome! You go girl!
  4. thanks girls. baby isn't due until April and it's my first so I really have no idea what i'll be dealing with in terms of breastfeeding until that time. was hoping to get a few options to cover all bases so I thought one manual and one electric should do the trick. i've also heard it's good to wait, rent one from the hospital and see what you need to buy after that time. really not sure i want to go that route tho.
  5. I agree, you should wait until you deliver to buy one. Or purchase one close to your due date in case you want to return it. Hospitals provide breast pumps to those who need it for their hospital stay. Also, my insurance allows 1 month of free breast pump rental and hospital also sells breast pumps.

    I however, have to pump in style advance. I love it... use it everyday since I'm always engorged...
  6. yes it all depends on your supply, your baby, their's hard to know right now. and a bump can't be returned once it's been opened [correct me if im wrong pls]. with my first son i HAD to have a pump. milk ducts got clogged...had to pump it out. but i did fine w/o one for months and months. second son i used one rarely...just so i could go out without him for a few hours. unfotuntely my baby girl coudln't tolerate my breastmilk so the pump i bought and opened was used maybe twice and now it sits i say wait and see. :smile:

    **but do get in contact with your insurance as some of them do cover a breast pump if your doc will write you a prescription for one.
  7. I knew I was going to have to pump extensively so I bought my pump at around 7 months. I got a Medela double electric pump, it was amazing, I was in law school when I had my son, and I was gone all day. I pumped at least three times during the day to keep up a high supply and the Medela never missed a beat. That was several years ago so I'm sure they are even smaller now, but even then it was relatively lightweight and quiet. Even the cold storage compartment was very good, kept the milk cold all day. One of my classmates was also pumping and she told me she was using her Medela that was around 8 years old and that it still worked great.
  8. I am using the Medela pump in style, it is great.
  9. With both my girls I had the Medela Lactina Select, which is a hospital grade double electric pump. I could fill both bottles in 10 min with this pump it was amazing!!!!!! (that is 10oz!). I pumped exclusively though with both babies and rented the pump from the hospital.
  10. I used the Medela pump in style. I think its almost as good as the hospital grade pumps.
  11. I'm using the medela pump in style n it helped with my low milk supply n engorgement in the initial period with sessions with the lactation consultants. They also advise that u should only get a breast pump after you deliver cos it depends on individuals . Like the advent manual pump, it's great but the one size fit all funnel caused abrasion to my nipples n I had to forgo it. But the pump in style has varying sizes so that ensure comfort, plus it's electric n dual mode makes it efficient !

    I agree with the rest. It's v crucial to invest in consulting a good lactation consultant after u deliver ! They helped me from an average of 15ml to a current average of 200ml!
  12. Your right breast pumps can't be returned once opened unless your buy it from walmart. I think walmart Canada sells a medela one (I know they have gerber ones but I don;t think they are that great). If you do have to return it they send it to claims so you don't have to worry about buying a breast pump that has been used.
  13. Make sure you have a manual JUST IN CASE! It has saved me on many an occasion where I couldn't find a plug and needed "relief" or when my milk backed up into the tubes and didn't have a chance to sterilize them when I got home. Also, electric pumps are ROUGH on your nipples (at least for me it's the case), but the manual gives them a break. I also can pump more milk in less time with my manual.
  14. By all means, ESPECIALLY if you plan on having more than one child, get a Mandela electric double!! I only had a manual and it took FOREVER. I really needed it more with my second child, who was fussy. I had to wean him earlier than I wanted because I didn't have time to be his mom, mom to my 2 year old AND pump manually.

    I worked with a woman whose son NEVER latched on and she pumped enough to have him on breast milk for the first year of his life. And she went back to work when he was 6 weeks old (she was the main breadwinner). She had a great pump. It's just NOT the place to save pennies IMHO.
  15. I also have the Medela Pump In Style. I have had it for 6 years and I have used it for all 3 of my children. So it was well worth the investment. It also comes with manual parts.