Recommendations for brands for leather bags that last?

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    Hello Ladies!

    I'm looking to get myself a semi-casual bag for every day use and that'll last me a good number of years without coming apart or looking too scruffy. I'm pretty gentle with my bags and don't overload them - and I figured that leather would most likely be the best bet.

    I've been searching the forums and so far I've found great reviews for Dooney & Bourke, Stone Mountain, Fossil and vintage Coach.. but I'm having trouble finding something that suits my style and looks semi-modern - whilst high-end brands are out of my reach.

    Do you have any recommendations for other brands? Or have you had bags made out of any other material that has lasted?

    I'm on a tight budget so am regularly scouring eBay & etsy for a good deal but am willing to check out other brands.. I saw a cute Nine West but I've read some bad reviews on their non-leather bags and am not sure if I want to "risk" it (am aiming for this to be my last bag purchase for awhile... a sort of "pre-ban" buy *grin*) not to mention a REALLY cute blue Tommy Hilfiger & another Ralph Lauren satchel - but they both weren't fully leather and I wasn't sure if it'd last.. plus, since solid colors are generally more versatile, my practical side won out.

    But seriously.. how cute are they?


    And here is the Nine West that I wasn't sure would last :/


    Please also recommend other sites that you may know of.

    Thank you!!
  2. Check out the Lucky Brand Stash bag. They have a few on eBay and they are great bags! You can also get them at various department stores. All leather and really, really nice leather! My friend gave me one when she unexpectedly ended up with two in the exact same color and it has become my favorite bag. Long lasting, very versatile and easy to use. Plenty of room to carry a lot of stuff, but not too big. A really great every day bag.
  3. What's your price range? You might want to look into Fossil as well.
  4. Gérard Darel leather bags are wondeful quality!
  5. If you're looking for leather Fossil has a nice range of leather bags. I was looking through my stash of bags and I have a lot of Nine West that aren't leather that have held up surprisingly well for as much as I've carried them - they were purchased in the 90's. But yes, what is your budget?
  6. Coach recently launched a new legacy line with lots of leathers and more to come. Also check the Coach Classics - they have a satchel in there. The new legacy products are lined, but many of the classics are unlined. Look at the reviews on their site to see which ones are good.

    A lot of people like the men's bags too. It's worth a look.
  7. Not knowing your exact budget, I would say, Dooney & Bourke, Fossil, and a little on the higher end, Coach.
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    Check out Roots! I don't have one, but I love the look of their bags and I think they've gotten good reviews on TPF.

    I carry Linea Pelle. The leather is AMAZING! You can often find them on eBay or Bonanza on sale - or they go on sale at Not sure what your budget is, though.

    I also would recommend Lucky Brand. I have a Lucky Brand Abbey road - which isn't the style you're looking for - but the leather is great on that bag!
  9. I'm pretty sure none of those are actually leather... I'm pretty sure they are faux. Double check before buying.

    I recommend Coach or Fossil. Their stuff is very well made. Dooney and Bourke as well. They might be a little more money, but in the long run, they will last waaaaay longer so it's cheaper than buying a bag that will fall apart and have to be replaced shortly.
  10. Since you are on a budget, I would suggest that you take a trip to either Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They have a lot of bags to choose from and the prices aren't too bad either. You might just find what you are looking for. Go for a leather bag as they hold up for a long time provided that they are taken care of.
  11. I bought one of those plaid Ralph Lauren bags back in the day (about 15-20 years ago) - it was some sort of coated fabric (like LV) with leather trim. I gifted it to my mom, but she never used it so we ended up selling it on Ebay about 10 years ago.
  12. I agree with this ^^ if you live where you can visit a Marshall's or TJ Max I'd definitely try there first. At TJ Maxx I've seen Calvin Klein bags that are pretty nice, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Michael by Michael Kors, and Cynthia Rowley bags. Also, I'd try ebay and see what you can find on there, I've gotten some super deals on great bags. I love Dooney and Bourke, Cole Haan, and Kate Spade. When I'm looking for something durable I try to buy a thick pebbled leather. Good luck! :smile:
  13. I'd recommend Coach (they will also service their bags or give you a discount on your next purchase if a bag is beyond repair), Linea Pelle and also Cole Haan.
  14. I found a vintage bag I love when I searched Bonanza for "black satchel."