Recommendations for an every day Coach

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  1. Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum-which is AWESOME BTW-and have recently become addicted to Coach bags. I've purchased a couple, but none are my "regular" bag. I see so many I want, but I need that ONE. What is your favorite go-to bag and/or recommendations for someone looking for one? TIA for any thoughts!
  2. My go-to everyday bag is my medium Ergo tote in black.
  3. I love the Ergo line, don't have any yet, thanks!
  4. Mine is an ergo as well ;)
  5. Legacy Whiskey Ali. I love the leather, love the size, love the look, love the color, love everything about her. :biggrin:
  6. I love the Ergo line also but my Ergo is a Large Pleated Ergo and it is not as fluid as most bags.

    My to go bag is my Ali Legacy Stripe Hippie in (White Leather) 10325.. Holds alot and is because it is a Hippie so easy to run around with..
  7. Have you thought about a Zoe? It's simple, classic, beautiful and very comfortable. Oh, and super cheap at the outlets right now!
  8. My go to bag when running around is my heritage stripe tote. I never wory about it getting wet and it holds a lot.
  9. zoe
    heritage stripe tote
  10. Carly sig I wear too much black
  11. Mine is Legacy Shoulder 11127 in camel.
  12. I'd recommend an Ergo Hobo or a Zoe. They are very versatile styles that can be used for work or casual situations. Good luck!
  13. Mine is an MFF Black Legacy (F12868). Now it'll be a medium black Zoe :smile:
  14. Heritage Stripe Tote or Zoe

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  15. Zoe, Sabrina, Ali, or Peyton