Recommendations for a wallet... Not for me but for the bf!

  1. Hi All! :smile:

    The bf needs a wallet! And he hopes to get it from LV, so... I'm not so familiar with men's wallet styles but I know I can definitely trust you all to recommend some good ones! All he puts in his wallet are cards, receipts, bills... and most importantly, change! I'd very much appreciate if you'd recommend wallets with change compartments too! I don't think he has any preference for prints.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Is there even a men's wallet with a change compartment..?
  3. :smile:...How about my AZUR? :p
  4. ^Yeah Vicky the one you got for your bf was gorgeous!! What's the name of it?
  5. I recommend the Taiga billfold too, it´s hot.
  6. Does the Taiga wallet come with a change compartment?
  7. That's called "wallet with coin pocket" in the site :sweatdrop:
  8. No, but most guys (me included) carry their change from the day in their pocket.
  9. doesn't look like it. but i agree, that is definitely the hottest men's wallet by LV!
  10. I like the Utah and Taiga. I got my dad the Taiga wallet last Xmas.
  11. If he sits on his wallet, I don't recommend that you purchase a billfold with a coin pocket. I find that the coin pocket ruins the shape of the wallet. Get him a separate coin purse, like a Pochette Cles, instead.
  12. :yes: