Recommendations for a trip to Hawaii?

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  1. My family is planning a week's vacation to Hawaii this July. There will be about 6 of us, all adults (a few shopaholics), and we need suggestions. Where and when is the best to get deals on flights? Hotels/Suites? We are staying only about 6 days, and we are the sight-seeing type of people, so should we fly to two or three islands? Where should we go? Any past experiences or things you like/d about Hawaii, please post here! I gladly appreciate your input, suggestions, etc. My cousin and I are going to plan most of the trip, as my parents are clueless about travelling plans. Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. oooo that place that has all the slides!!! It was FABULOUS!!! But i can't remember the name :mad:
    I'll think of it or someone will know what I am talking about
  3. I love tripadvisor for hotel info, they rank hotels based on people's feedback and give you a general price to expect:
    Oahu Hotels: Read Oahu Hotel Reviews and Compare Prices - TripAdvisor

    Are you staying in Oahu? That's the most popular city and has great upscale shopping.. the downside is the general prices are expensive, ie food and lodging. Hanauma bay for snorkeling was beautiful, we swam with the fish only a few feet from the beach. We also drove around the island and it was breathtaking. Pearl harbor was very educational and memorable. We didn't get to hike to any waterfalls, but I would have liked to if I had the time....
  4. I love tripadvisor too.

    Just a word of caution about the Grand Wailea - it's a family resort and very popular with kids. When we were planning our honeymoon our travel agent who is local in Maui strongly discouraged us from staying there due to the noises. If you don't mind that, it's a fun place to stay. In Maui, there are lots of hotels. Depends on which side of island you want to stay. With a total of 6 days I think the max you can do is 2 islands. If you want shopping Honolulu is the best. Kauai is my favorite but not much shopping or night life.

    Have fun, I am so jealous!
  5. I just returned from my trip with my family there. If you're going on budget, I really recommend a hotel called Waikiki Resort in Oahu. It's right next to Hyatt in a prime location, about 45 second away from the Waikiki beach.

    Also, there are tons of coupon books that's available to you locally, and I really regret I didn't take advantage of it while I was there. You can really save a lot by using the places/things you are going anyway.

    Totally recommend Polynesian Cultural Center and the Luau, it's lots of fun. If you're planning on island hoping, I belive there is a promotion going on with the local airline (Hawaiian?) and it's basically $20 or some really cheap tickets.

    I had such a great time and I hope you will too!:love:
  6. We vacationed in Maui in 6/2005. We got a really good package through AOL Travel. We stayed in Lahaina at Lahaina Shores Beach Resort Condominium Rentals Hawaii: Lahaina Shores Resort Condominiums Not fancy like the larger resorts but clean, comfortable, right on the ocean & near everything. One thing we liked is since we stayed in a condo (Highly recommended) we were able to save money by making our own breakfast each morning, since there was a kitchen. It can get expensive if you eat out for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
    If I were you I would pick an island, start researching hotels/condos, call them directly or check their website for packages/specials then go through a travel website or TA to see who has the best deal. I used to work at a hotel & most of the time our rates were better than orbitz, travelzoo, through a T/A etc...
    Anyway we had an great time! We went parasailing, took a sunset cruise, went snorkeling, took a helicopter ride it was wonderful, Enjoy!
  7. We loved the Four Seasons in Maui - not too many kids and the Princeville in Kauai.
  8. For 6 days, go to one or 2 islands only. You don't want to eat up your precious time in airports. Honolulu is the largest city by far, on the island of Oahu. Really, except that you can see Diamond Head, it could be any large city. The trip to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial is worthwhile if you visit Oahu.

    Maui is my favorite island--big choice of accomodations, some nice shopping, fabulous beaches, great sightseeing. Kaanipali area has a lot of older hotels and a shopping center. Wailea area has more consistently good weather with nice condos and upscale hotels. I'd recommend the Four Seasons, too. The Grand Wailea draws families and conventions. Their spa is fantastic, tho, if you like that. The Shops at Wailea has a lot of upscale stores including LV, Gucci, Fendi, Tiffany, Bottega Veneta, St. John, Coach, etc. You can drive up Haleakala, the dormant volcano and bike down (tour companies arrange this). Iao Needle Park, Hana are other sightseeing possibilties.

    Kauai is beautiful, but less developed. A few very good hotels there--a Grand Hyatt at Poipu (sunny coast), Princeville on the north side of the island. Helicopter sightseeing, waterfalls you can drive to, etc. but not much nightlife or shopping.

    The big island is the one I haven't been to in a long time. There are several great resorts, including a Four Seasons. Volcanoes National Park is there. I don't think the shopping would compare to Maui, but maybe someone who has been there recently knows.

    The internet can be a huge help in your planning. If there are any golfers in the group, they will love the courses there!

    Have fun!