Recommendations for a tote?

  1. Hi all,

    Haven't bought a bag since late summer, and I've been itching to fall in love again. This time around, I'm looking for a high-end tote. I don't have any real specs, but I want something trendy but classic. I would consider anything under $3000. Not a fan of goyard. Use for casual work and activities on weekends like shopping.

    Please feel free to ask me questions if that would help.

  2. A classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 35???
  3. What about teh YSL bags like the Downtown, Muse, Rive Gauche, or their new one for spring? Those are so beautiful.
  4. How about a Bottega Veneta tote? I really like this one, especially the red color - it's Carmino Red.


    And the interior is GREAT for organizing your things.

  5. I recently bought the Fendi black patent B-mix tote. It's really nice and comfy on the shoulder and I LOVE the look of it! It's a timeless shape..
  6. I have a Michael Kors Collegiate tote that is new. It does not have the fringe on holds a lot. ;) It has the pyramid type bronze studs on it-great bag!
  7. LV cabas piano?


    It's nice, classic - but a bit small due to it's structure I think. It also depends on your size/stature though, imo.
  8. I would go with the LV Suhali Lockit PM or MM. It looks like a classic that will never go out of style.
  9. Marc Jacobs "Softy" tote
  10. I just love this Prada.

  11. Thanks for the suggestions so far! Really appreciate it since you've helped me pick out things in the past!

    A little more information: I am not a great fan of logo'ed bags, so anything monogrammed is probably out. I also don't like totes which are hard to get into.

    I am 5'4".
  12. purse-n-boots: I've tried on that exact tote at the local BV boutique. Really liked, but not sure I was in love...

    ginaf: I like that Prada! Is that something that's out right now?
  13. They had the pic on NM but it wasn't in stock. I think it's from the fall collection. I'm not a Prada expert though so someone in that forum would probably know better than me.