Recommendations for a thoughtful anniversary and V-day gift for SO?

  1. Our one-year anniversary is February 15th and I would love to get him something thoughtful. Trouble is, he doesn't collect anything and really when I ask him what he wants, he just says time with me:shame:

    He loves "experiences" - I got him a skydiving gc for Christmas, but was just wondering if any of you ladies have any ideas.

    He has the watches, clothes and doesn't want anything along thoses it's a little more difficult for me.

  2. What does he like? Are there any shows or sports matches you guys can go to? I know NOTHING about sports or even what sports are in season but maybe you guys could go see a baseball match or football match or whatever together? Or if he's more artistic you go to the opera or a Shakespeare play?
  3. Ok - this one's from left field - but if he likes to spend time with you - could you take him for a trip to the Spa??? Some men love getting a peek into the 'woman's world' (I know that my baby does) - and if he has never done it before - he might adore that amazing feeling you get after a day being pampered. And then of course there is the cozy evening whilst you are in relaxed come down...
  4. I'm in the same boat. My bf and I have our anniversary on Feb 6th (5 years next week!) And then V-day. So for our anniversary, I bought him hockey tickets b/c he loves watching hockey, playing hockey and has never been to a game. And for v-day I bought us plain silver bands with out names/date engraved on the inside and he's getting a big old bag of mixed candy he loves.

    I think maybe hockey/basketball tickets would be great. All guys love some sort of sport. Plus it's more fun to watch a game live then on TV. Or maybe tickets to see a comedian? Or a concert?

    You can always go with cooking him his fav. dish and spending time at home that night! :graucho:
    [SIZE=-1] - for Valentine's Day they are offering two class/workshop giftyboxes for the price of one, OR a couple's massage and dinner for two for $209. They are only best in major cities, but you can look and see what is available in your area!
  6. You guys are the best! I didn't even think about the "spa" experience and I think he would actually really enjoy that - and I know he would never do it otherwise! I'm going to take a look at the links you sent Sailornep5 - thank you all so much and have a wonderful weekend:smile:
  7. I'm going to re-do my boyfriend's office and get it ORGANIZED! Then cook him dinner and just spend some time at home.
  8. I'm in the same boat. What I got for my bf was a photo-opoly.
    It's a 100% customizable Monopoly game. You put your own
    photos & your own "place names" & customize the box & title.

    You can purchase it here:

    Something I gave to my ex (he was an "experience" guy too) was
    a fly like a fighter pilot thing. We both had our own Military pilots
    and they taught us how to fly like we're in battle. Then we both
    went up (we flew the planes ourselves w/ the help of our pilots
    in the back seat) and had a simulated air battle! It was amazing.
  9. Oh my gosh Photo-oply sounds like the cutest thing ever. I am so going to make one sometime for my bf because he loves playing monopoly. :smile:
  10. Mine loves massages so spa would be perfect if your bf enjoys it.