Recommendations for a super light & smooth foundation?

  1. Hi there! I am looking for recommendations for a great foundation. I'd love to get your recommendations so I don't have to try every single brand out there! The only make up I normally wear is a good pressed powder, eyeliner, mascara & gloss. But for winter I'd like to add a light foundation and maybe go with less powder.

    I'd like to find a foundation that will look like I'm not wearing one, you know what I mean? Light, smooth, not cakey, and not oily.

    I'm not loyal to any one brand, though, when in doubt I will usually buy Chanel. However, I've never tried their foundations. My regular powder is MAC. Does anyone use Chanel? is it good?

    I'm planning a trip to Nords & Sephora next week, and I'd love to have a short list of brands to try.

  2. Chanel has a new one that is great, Teinte Innocence, it comes in a liquid and a compact. I like the compact because it is so easy to put on, and it is very light and natural on me. Also, I like that it doesn't feel oily or heavy. Good Luck!! Hope you find something you like! Also, don't forget to ask for samples!!:tup:
  3. I use Thrish McEvoy Even Skin Foundation, it is very lightweight but yet provides great coverage. I often times forget that I am wearing foundation when I have it on because it is so light, and it does not clog your skin. I love it.
  4. La Mer's oil free liquid foundation is great
  5. I know you said you're trying to get away from powder,but you should consider a mineral powder foundation. They are so light and stay on so well. You cannot tell your wearing foundation. Once I tried them I will never ever go back to liquid!
    I use a mineral concealer by Physicians Formula and a mineral powder by L'Oreal. All drugstore items. I have also heard good things about Everyday Minerals, I just ordered free samples. Good luck!!:flowers:
  6. have you tried a tinted moisturizer?
    I swear by Chanel's:heart:
  7. chanel is very nice for tinted..however its quite perfume-y.
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  8. I only noticed it for a moment the first fw times I used it. I'll have to pay attention tomorrow! LOL!
    I have sensitive skin, it doesn't bother me thank goodness!
  9. Chanel Teint Innocence.... I swear by it. With a Chanel #16 foundation brush. AMAZING.
  10. i love love love shiseido liquid foundation. it's very natural looking and smooth. perfect for day time.
    i've also heard good things about SKII's air touch foundation. it's a spraying one i believe, and it smoothens your skin instantly by filling up your uneven pores. (hope i'm making sense)

    of course, let the beauty consultant try the foundation on your face before you buy it. or just request a day makeup, see how well the foundation blends in.
  11. Thanks for all the great suggestions so far, I'm writing them down. I will go on Monday and this helps to know what to ask for!
  12. chanel or 'em both!
  13. I just bought the oil free laura mercier tinted moisturizer, I love it so far... They have it at Sephoria.
  14. ^^I just started using this and it's great!! A tiny bit more coverage than Chanel or Mac tinted moisturizer, I think, and very smooth.
  15. I havent tried Chanel but YSL perfect touch foundation is what im currently using and its very nice, and Dior skin pure light is also really nice and light and just glides on.