Recommendations for a soft gold slouchy handbag

  1. Besides bearing a possible Bulga Goldrush in mind, Id love to hear of any more recommendations for a slouchy soft medium to large sized gold leather bag.

    I just noticed in the BE&D thread a Gold Crawford which I just :heart: and is exactly what Im looking for size wise and slouchiness but as I live in the UK its a bit difficult to find.

    If you do know of any, pics most welcome, Id love to see.

    thanks everyone :yes:
  2. The bag is not gold, but the gold hardware but the nuetral color really makes the bag a knockout. The slouch on the bag is perfect!

    Balenciaga 07 Sandstone Hobo with GH:
  3. What about the Hayden Harnett lorca in soft gold?
  4. Thats a pretty Balenciago. Thanks for the pic.

    Ill google the Hayden Harnett and have a look.

    Thanks for the suggestions
  5. how about one of these (yes, these are tano bags... but before anyone accuses me of soliciting, I dont even have these bags in my store!!! They wont be arriving in stores until September)
  6. OOH this is this the crackle leather? Whatever it is it is lovely. I'll have to put it on my buy list for fall! thanks Tano Expert
  7. Its not crackle, its a new distressed metallic leather called DIVA. That color is actually called bronze, but there is a gold and pewter color too. Lots more i this leather, but Im waiting for Vlads permission to do a Tano preview thread. (The Fall bags arent posted on Tanos website yet so these are sneak peeks!)
  8. Thanks for these recs. The Tano bags are really lovely. Havent seen them in the UK (where I live), but must try and check them out.
  9. i was going to suggest the Be&D Crawford in Gold! then i saw that you have already spotted it! ;)

    it's a very nice bag with quality leather. i think you should keep an eye out for it on the NM website. they ship internationally and there may be a chance this bag will become available again in the future.

    good luck with your search! :smile: