Recommendations for a small travel pouch/bag please!!!

  1. Hi ladies!!!

    I'm new to the forum..and have just been madly going through the endless bag related threads here!! :P I need some help because I'm about to go overseas in 4 weeks time and am in desperate need for a nice small sized travel bag. Can anyone suggest any ideas besides the Gucci Belt/Waist bag...which would be perfect for traveling...but i dont exceptionally like the flatness look of it :s Any help will be much appreciated!!!! :heart:
  2. Adorneya has this mini messenger (8"W x 7"H x 2"D)

    adorneya's Etsy Shop - Mini Messenger Bag- Fall Colors

    lalaland's Etsy Shop - Ocean II Shoulder Bag
    10"w x 12"h x 3"d
    You could contact Lisa of lalaland to make a smaller messenger bag for you, if you want. I've asked her to make me a bag that's the same size as the above.

    Seabreezestudio again - she makes excellent bags.

    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - CLEARANCE SALE Pochette - Retro 70s vintage -Lyons- with beige base

    seabreezestudio's Etsy Shop - CLEARANCE SALE - A5 size messenger bag - ROSEHIP
    Clearance $19-50 not incl shipping
  3. passerby thanks for the many suggestions there!!! Really appreciate it! :smile: That site is awesome! I'm in the midst of going through the designs they have...:biggrin:
  4. Longchamp is great for travel, and have you tried Chanel?
  5. bonspielcreation darker green leather cardinal purse.jpg bonspielcreation model.jpg bonspielcreation cactus purse.jpg bonspielcreation cactus model.jpg
  6. ebraunnagel felt applique bag.jpg ebraunnagel felt applique bag 2.jpg
  7. Anuschka Organizer on a string shoebuy.jpg Anuschka organizer on a string AC.jpg