Recommendations for a scarf ring?

  1. If this has previously been asked before I apologise but I couldn't find through search what I was looking for.
    As I have neglected my scarves I want opinions on your favourite Hermes scarf ring. I saw one on eBay which I really liked called the silver cosmos and I phoned the Sydney store today and they said that they do not have any at present and only get them when Hermes make them which the guy said isn't every season. He told me that they retail for AU$225, so I won't buy the one from eBay as it is US$315. Or should I buy that one as they are rare?
    I like the way that the cosmos has 4 different entry points. See the following:

    Any suggestions would be most helpfull.
  2. I love those ball-shaped rings, gorgeous!
  3. The cosmos ring is great. It's my favorite. They have them om the US Hermés site now and they retail for 165$, but I think I heard somewhere that they come in two different sizes, but I'v personally only seen one size IRL. I think there is some picture of them in the reference gallery. Perhaps you can have a US store ship one to you. I know the Madison store in NYC has them.
  4. That would be great if I can buy from a US store as the seller on ebay is almost double. I will give it a try.
  5. Just tried to purchase on the US site but they will not ship outside of USA.
  6. ^Try calling the Madison store and see if they can ship it to you.
  7. Thanks I just phoned but with the different time zones the store is not open, I will try in the morning. Great suggestion by the way.
  8. ooh I love that scarf ring, good luck in obtaining one!
  9. I've got the Cosmos in both gold and palladium and love it!
  10. i know Singapore have it at Liat Towers but only available in gold. No silver.
  11. Love the H scarf rings, but...

    I mentioned in another post that I use an old silver ring or sometimes a napkin ring. Definitely be sure that what you use is smooth, as someone else mentioned.

    I'd rather use the $165 for 1/2 of a new scarf... though the cosmos one is supercute!
  12. There is a silver cosmos right now at Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI... if you call Lisa Hamlin she'll get it for you. but I tried it and getting the scarf through it was a tight fit. I really love the horn chain d'ancre one that I have. It doesn't slip off the scarf from being heavy like Permabrass or Palladium, and it's so lovely :love:
  13. I love the horn chaine d'ancre. I use it the most, though I love the cosmos, too, the horn seems to get the most use.....
  14. I love these square, enameled rings. They seem a bit Art Deco to me, and I've been wearing them lots over the last 6-8 weeks. They come in 6 different colors, but I decided to limit myself to black and white.

    They actually work with tons of scarves and styles.
    SR1.jpg SR2.jpg
  15. My very favorite is the wood chaine d'ancre because it's secure on the scarf and I don't have to worry about it slipping off, but it's not as heavy as palladium or gold in the same style. I had the horn one but found it almost too lightweight for some odd reason. I like the cosmos as well but I fumbled with it every time I tried to use it! I finally gave up and sold mine after realizing that I am too clumsy for all that, LOL.