Recommendations for a new Vacuum please!

  1. Our Hoover died. A friend of ours has a Dyson and loves it so Ive been looking into those. Any suggestions, loves or hates?? We have a very small non-shedding dog if that matters.
  2. I don't recommend mine (dirtdevil) works good but changing the filter & bag all the time is a seems like everytime I vaccuum I have to change the filter b/c it gets clogged w/ dirt. Not that my house is filty it just has it's occasional dirt marks from dogs & kids. But, anyways I've heard the dyson is pricey but so worth the money.
  3. I need a new one, too. I'll check back for suggestions.
  4. I like Hoover!
  5. Dyson. I'm a clean freak. I've tried so many different vacuum cleaners. By far, my favorite is a Dyson. The only problem is because it's so bulky, I can't really use it to vacuum stairs :sad:
  6. Dyson all the way....this is the only vacuum I will ever use. If it works for me (and I have two large dogs that dont seem to stop shedding) then it will work for everyone!
  7. Oh thank you gals! Any particular model or does it not really matter?

    I really appreciate it. For that amount of money (on a stinkin vacuum no less!) I'd like to know it's a wise decision.
  8. I have a Dyson- the "Animal" and I like it the best of all that I have had. My only complaint is that it has a ratcheting sound that it makes when the beater bar hits an obstruction and unfortunately I have one roomsize braided rug that the vacuum sees as an obstruction and I have to turn the brush off leaving just plain suction to vacuum with. It also does the same thing if I go over a wrinkle in my area rugs- the noise sends me through the ceiling. I don't know if all models and years of the Dyson have the same thing- I know I read several on-line reviews about the same complaint before I bought mine but I went ahead thinking that it was some glitch that would have been worked out by now.
    But I really like how much pet hair and dust it picks up- worth the glitch.
  9. I have a Dyson and love it. It's the first vacuum I've ever had that *really* picks up well. If you get one, you'll be amazed at what it picks up every single time.
  10. I love my Kenmore cannister vac -- we have 3 different sets of stairs and four "non-shedding" dogs so something that can get dog hair off the stairs is a big help.

    I HATE my Rainbow, yes it does do a great job cleaning, but it is a HUGE pain to set up and put away.

  11. i have a rainbow too, i LOVE it!!! yeah it is a pain in the ass to "maintain" but it's worth it, since the vacuum is so GREAT!!!
  12. I have an Oreck and I love it. It has a great maintenance plan.
  13. I just bought a Dyson DC-15 with the ball from Bed Bath and Beyond. I love it! My carpet has never looked so clean! PHH was so excited to get a new "toy" he has volunteered to vacuum almost every day! :yahoo:
  14. The Dyson works wonderfully. Everyone I know swears by Miele but I'm not impressed with them, especially for the $.
  15. Dyson, Dyson, Dyson. I have bought all the others and they never worked right for me. I have 2 kids of my own, take care of children during the day, have a dog and a cat and the Dyson is amazing! it gets stuff out of the rug that you never knew was there. I have had mine for a year and a half and use it every single day and have never had an ounce of trouble with it-so worth the money!

    Go, buy one NOW!
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