Recommendations for a New Fridge?

  1. I was going to post this in General Discussion, but then figured I might get more qualified opinions from all the food addicts here. ;)

    BF has just bought a new came with washer/dryer set & a stove... but no refrigerator! We're probably going to go fridge shopping this weekend...

    Any suggestions on good fridges? Brands...maytag, LG, whirlpool, etc?, bottom-freezer, french doors....automatic icemaker/water a yes or no?

    And what's a good size? I don't cook, but BF likes kids, yet :graucho: but probably in the next couple years...

  2. Go for the Subzero!

    But being realistic the last time we looked we were impressed by all the whistle and bells the LGs had. I know nothing about that brand just know they were really pretty and had all kinds of cool things. I haven't had to buy a fridge recently so can't offer any opinions...if you're ever in the market for a wahser and dryer I can give you my 3 cents.

    Good luck!
  3. I wish I had a SubZero! IMO that's the way to go. When we built our house three years ago, my DH couldn't begin to comprehend spending any extra money on a nice fridge so I got a KitchenAid in stainless steel. It's nice-enough looking and does the job, but OMG! A Subzero is just so awesome, and I don't even know why!
  4. Everyone I know pretty much has a SubZero, lol.. you should go for them! They last a while and are great.

    But you probably can find something decent for like half of what a SubZero costs, if it is a budget issue.

    Something to consider is how the space is organized when you're shopping. In my last apt we had the verticle freezer and fridge side by size doors and I found if I was having people over it was hard to fit large trays of food, but having it where the freezer was on the bottom and the fridge was on the top makes a world of difference in the amount of space I had available. At least that is my preference.
  5. Do not buy a Subzero!! I had one for 5 years & had nothing but problems with it. And I was not alone! The ice machine never worked. I got to know the repair man really well. First the fan would stop working, then the heater then the fan then the heater. Back & forth. I had a friend that was a chef & when she found out we got a Subzero she told me "good luck with that."
    Take a look at Viking.
  6. Thanks for the heads up!

    BF wants a fridge w/an ice machine, but my folks have had trouble w/the last two fridges w/ice makers...they always wind up breaking...and the ice always smells "funny" to me, kwim? I'd be just as happy making my own dang ice.

    I'm leaning toward a bottom-freezer model... i guess we'll see what's available this weekend... lol
  7. I personally love KitchenAid. I have had no problems with mine. The prices are not too outrageous and the quality is very good. There are many styles and colors, but I love the french door in stainless. Let us know what you decide.
  8. I have a 50's style smeg fridge part of the FAB style/range they do, I love it!x
  9. I love my LG fridge with bottom freezer drawer! They even have them with built in televisions, which my kids begged for but I over-rode that request!
  10. I have this one too.
  11. I just bought this Amana Fridge and so far I love it. It is the first time I have had an icemaker and I would not be without one now! I love the water inside the door too. There is a filter so the water and ice doesn't taste like tap water. Here is the fridge:
  12. I have a commercial traulson fridge with a single door, and 2 veggie drawers underneath. And a seperate freezer in my pantry. I LOVE my fridge and its been with me in 2 houses so far, going into the 3rd house soon. All stainless inside and out. No plastic parts or comparments. Easy to clean and keeps cold like nobody's business. These cost a bloody fortune now, though. I got mine as a closeout 10 years ago.