Recommendations for a light colored and a brown bag

  1. I need a light cream/beige bag and a dark brown bag, but I can't find anything I love enough to pull the trigger. What do you bag specialists recommend? ;)
  2. Well, all the LVs monogram and damier are in the brown shade. :smile: Have you looked at those?
    Are you looking for big bag, medium or small size bag?
    Structured or more squishy ones?
  3. yeah, sizing preference and structure/slouchiness would be a good starting point. i think everyone will be glad to offer you some suggestions given more specific requirements. ;)
  4. Oops, sorry.
    Medium size, leather, preferably high end and I don't have any particular preferences for structure.
  5. What about Botkier, Bulga, or Kooba? Here are some samples:[​IMG]Botkier Bella
    [​IMG]Bulga Medium Stud bag
    [​IMG]Kooba Annie.
    They all come in different leathers.