Recommendations for a Kooba to get for my sister

  1. Hi, Kooba lovers - I was wondering if any of you could help give me some ideas. I would love to get my sister a Kooba (or maybe another nice designer) for Christmas, because I know she would never get something like that for herself, but would really enjoy it! She is 30 years old and an elementary school special education teacher, and she carries a _ton_ of stuff in her purse (she somehow always has absolutely random things like batteries and even once a screwdriver!). The kicker is she can be kind of rough on things sometimes, and definitely won't be one to baby a bag, so I think a really delicate leather or suede would be out. I was thinking a Sienna, because they are huge and classic, and because I think she would appreciate the sort of bohemian vibe, but she might prefer a zipper closure to minimize things falling out. Any ideas?
  2. An older Kooba style, the Carla, holds a ton of stuff and you really don't have to baby that bag at all. That's what I'd recommend. It's only $263.99 at Bluefly (in black) and if you check out Deals and Steals you might even find a code that brings the price down further. Black, terraine and chestnut were popular colors and it also came in butter and white. It's very deep, so your sister wouldn't have to worry about not having a zipper.

  3. I suggest the Kooba Paige as it is quite large and will handle her myriad of stuff.

    It comes in many colors, bourbon, raisin, java, black and tan. There are sometimes great buys on eBay ($250-300) but always get it authenticated here first, before you bid.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations! I will check these out. I think something Kooba should work well for her.
  5. I agree - the Kooba Paige will work. I have a Marcelle and I can fit all my purse stuff, plus a pair of flip flops, a book, a bottle of water...yeah I like to stuff my bags...