Recommendations for a good vitamin supplement

  1. I use Juice Plus. It's really expensive, but the research and results make it worth it.
  2. Took a quick peek and they don't seem to have a multi-vitamin supplement. Which product are you taking?

  3. I use Melaleuca vitamins. One of my co-workers is a Melaleuca rep and gave me a few packs to try because I was complaining that all vitamins make me nauseous even when taken with food. I tried them and did not get nauseous at all. I've been taking them for about 2 months now and so far no complaints...
  4. Sorry it took so long to get back. I was on vacation the first week in march and never checked back. It's not exactly a multi-vitamin. The theory is that vitamins from whole foods are better than that from a pill. So they provide the servings of vegetables and fruits. We then try to eat food that will provide us with our nutritional needs in conjunction with Juice Plus. I take the reds and greens and decided to add the antioxidants/vineyard blend so it should arrive in a few days.