Recommendations for a good vitamin supplement

  1. I am looking for a good quality multi-vitamin/mineral. Quality is more important then price, so suggest your best and favorites here!
  2. Personaly, I like women's ultra mega energy vitapak from GNC.
  3. I take one a day.
  4. I second the GNC suggestion. However One a Day is a good cheaper alternative.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions - is one a day the same as Centrum?
  6. Rainbow Light Prenatal One is my favorite. It's recommended frequently by doctors and it does not nauseate me as cheaper vitamins do. I pay about $25 per 150-pill bottle.
  7. I take the GNC Be Wholesome vita pak and LOVE IT! It has a combination that covers skin & nails, multi, fish oils and I think something else. I do take the 2 fish oils at night though because of the fishy after taste. I had a nutritionist recommend the GNC brand and I've been very pleased. It's about $50 I think for one month (maybe $59). But if you join their rewards program you get 20% off. Also you can purchase them online and if you go through various rebate sites you can get as much as 15% back (that's how I tend to do it).
  8. I've read that there is no advantage to the more expensive brands. *shrugs*
  9. I got these GNC vitapack things a week or so ago and OMG I feel like death. The first 2 days I was fine but lately I have stomach aches and bad headaches, to the point that I can't even bring myself to work out. I read that I should break up the vitamins - taking half in the AM and half in the PM. Hoping someone can share their experiences.
  10. I take One A Day, but NEVER on an empty stomach. If I take that thing on an empty stomach I feel horrible for hours.
  11. I take my vitamins with food but UGH, I feel like death.
  12. I take Alive! Daily Energy. I also take fish oil, vitamin B-12, glucomannan, and bioton. I feel really energized when I wake up
  13. i like the "New Chapter Organics" brand sold at whole foods...i use many of their other supplements as well...they r pricey but i buy online at - Total Health Discount Vitamins - free ship if u spend $85 - they carry all better brands at about 30% less than Whole Foods...i think Oprah recommended this one...
  14. I take new chapter as well, mainly because they are not full of additives like some other brands.
  15. I've switched to a jelly/gummy form of multi-vitamin. :biggrin:

    Pretty sure that it doesn't contain all the stuff from the GNC pack, but I'm tired of taking "several pills" a day.

    I buy it a Costco and they are called: MultiVites Gummy Vitamins for Adults, made by VitaFusion.