Recommendations for a good body scrub?

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good body scrub that smells good, isn't too expensive, and most importantly, doesn't leave the tub slippery!

    Any ideas would be great, thanks!!
  2. Plain old granulated white cane sugar.
  3. I use a mixture of coarse sea salt and olive oil. Sometimes I add a few drops of perfume oil if I want it to smell nice. It works really well, but it does get the tub a little slippery.
  4. I love Fresh Brown Sugar scrub, it makes your skin so soft and has a nice clean scent, Bath and Body Works makes a less expensive good one as well
  5. Be careful if you go this route; I did a homemade sea salt/olive oil scrub & I ended up w/scratches all over my body! It was painful:crybaby:
  6. ^ Yeah, I should have mentioned that I mix it up and let it sit for awhile first. And I don't really scrub with it... I pretty much just apply it and then just rinse it off.
  7. agreed. you can also use this as a facial scrub too if you go REALLY gentile
  8. I definitely scrubbed; did just applying it on your skin do anything to smooth it out? I'm sure that the olive oil was moisturizing.

  9. I used to have an exfoliating shower gel by Dove. It worked nicely, and didn't feel like it was ripping off your skin. Maybe you'd like to try it!
  10. I use l'occitane salt scrub because it simply does the job. It smells of a hint of citrus and almond.
  11. i have the body shop almond body scrub and that works pretty well. The olive and shea butter one is just as gd!
  12. Thanks everybody! I'm anxious to check some of these out!
  13. I love Fresh's Brown Sugar body scrub (expensive but a jar lasts forever) and L'occitane's almond scrub. Neither leave the tub sticky. Less expensive options: Philosophy's Gingerbread scrub (about $20 a jar), and even cheaper: St Ives Apricot Scrub (they make a body scrub aside from the face scrub)
  14. I use this too, sometimes mixed with grapeseed oil. Unfortunately, it will make the tub slippery.
  15. I use Bath & Body works.