Recommendations for a gold color bag?

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  1. I'm not really a gold color type person (I for some reason have always preferred silver colors in metallic choices), but think I need at least one gold color bag. Preferably leather but I'm open to anything as long as they're PRETTY~~~ :graucho:
  2. Have U checked out the thread for the Bulga Crescent bag in Goldrush? It's hit/miss at NM especially since it's now on Last Call at a great price ($178). Great east/west satchel in a gold that is not high sheen, has an almost bronze undertone color and soft yummy leather. Check out the treads (there are two) that have photographs.
  3. Thanks! Will do!
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  5. [​IMG]

    Ananas Isabel available at
  6. I love my Be&D Crawford in gold, but that was from a few seasons ago. Be&D makes the Ingrid in gold (on the left)...

  7. Thanks ladies!!!
    chloe.clementine, I LOVE that stam!!! ooohhh.... it'd probably be pretty heavy though right? (reason why I decided not to get one in the first place)
  8. tano expert, please don't hate me but I am absolutely ignorant about Tano :sad:... do you have any pictures? Thanks!
  9. Chanel Gold Metallic Reissue :biggrin:
  10. There was a spy bag a little while back (and on bluefly now) that is gold but looks like it has silvery undertones :smile: Its beautiful!
  11. you can pm me for info/pics if you like. Since Im a dealer, its not really appropriate for me to post pics and prices of bags that I sell. I dont want anyone to think that Im trying to sell bags here on the forum. I'll make reccomendations in text, but I cant post pics or mention the name of my website.
  12. Love my sweet golden Fiore! :tup:
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