Recommendations for a distinctive coach purse

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  1. All suggestions considered. I want a bag I dont see on the arm of every girl walking down the street. One thats not commonly knocked off. I still have a soft spot for coach as that was my first taste into the luxury world of handbags but I just am tired of how common it has become. I did see some nice totes out of a tealish blue leather last time I was in one of the stores but that was sometime ago.

    As I said all suggestions considered.
  2. How about a Lily? I love mine and because of the price you arent going to see these on the arm of everyother girl! It's a gorgeous bag and well worth the money IMO!!!
  3. Not patchwork! LOL

    Any of the new Bleeker bags, or legacy bags- Leigh, GiGi.

    Carlys- the fake ones I always see are sooo different than the real that anyone who is smart about Coach can tell the different and see which is better quality and obviously not fake.

    The Ergos, I havn't seen any fakes of those...
  4. Yes ergos are nice, the turquoise ones are really cute!
    and i always say to go check out the outlets! you never know what you'll find there!
    what about hampton's weekend stuff from this past spring? they are pretty cool colors, and nice and durable, i don't think i've ever really seen anyone with one... basically i would say to stay away from signature, and there's a good chance no one else will have it!
  5. i vote for the Leigh in Leather. I have her in Whiskey and have yet to see another on the street.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] whiskeyleigh.JPG
  6. i vote for the Leigh in Leather. I have her in Whiskey and have yet to see another on the street.
  7. Where I live everyone and their mother and babies have Coach or Gucci or LV or SOME designer bag. It's EVERYWHERE. We've got elementary school-aged children with LV pochettes!! Out of all the Coach bags I've ever seen on this island I have never seen anyone with the one I just recently purchased... I would never have known it existed or noticed it at my outlet if not for a photo of it in another thread! But I looove it!! It's the Soho Signature large satchel. I don't know how common it is on the mainland, but like I said I haven't seen it EVER here in Hawaii.
  8. My advice is to look for a older bag. I always get my bags at the outlet so they are not the latest bag and I like that. The savings is nice too!!
  9. ergo, something bleeker, or how about miranda?
  10. Here's my pick. Its limited edition, has the embossed leather c's in the middle. Distinctive, yes?

  11. How do you tell it's LE? It doesn't say on the website...?

    It's a beautiful bag! And I agree it's distinctive!!
  12. ^^^ This is what the SA told me last week. From what she said, it has to do with the leather c's in the middle. I guess there aren't that many. That said I did see the bag at Macy's as well as the bordeaux one. Maybe I will contact Coach tomorrow and get the skinny on this bag.
  13. i agree the limited edition bag posted earlier is really pretty and would be a great one to get!
  14. How about an Ergo Vintage Flap? It is limited edition and not available at every Coach stores (or department stores that sell coach) so you may have to call around. It does not hold as much as a satchel or a gallery tote but it holds my checkbook wallet, eye glasses, a few toiletries (pills, breath mints, powder compact, tampons), and small cell phone just fine.

    Check it out on the coach website! It is different from the regular ergo vintage flap because of a few added details and the leather is a heavier, rougher vintage vachetta than the regular one.

    Careful though, the vintage vachetta does scratch easily but it is suppose to buff off with the oils from your fingers (do not use cleaner or conditioner on it). Good luck searching for that special bag! :flowers:
  15. i think the most common is the khaki/beige colour combo. if u get a bag u like in a different colour, it will b a little more distinctive.