Recommendations for a black leather bag?

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  1. Ok ladies, after looking over what I currently have, including my Coach and older Nine West bags, I realize that I don't own anything black leather! :nogood: And that needs to change, asap! I was wanting to purchase a black leather ergo hobo on Craigslist and it was a great price, but unfortunately that fell through, and while I'm sad about it, maybe it was for the best.

    I would like some recommendations on a black bag, being as I won't be able to get to a boutique to try them on. I would prefer it to be all leather, and I need something that is the medium to large range as I carry a lot usually. It doesn't have to be a new style, particularly because I will more than likely be shopping for it on ebay and I'm on a college student budget :P

    Feel free to make some suggestions! I'm very excited to see what you ladies think will look good on me! I'm 5'7'' and about 135 lbs, for size reference.
  2. Oh, and feel free to post pictures of your own bags to persuade me :graucho:
  3. my favorite black leather bag is carly (i have the large, brass hardware)! I don't think I have modeling pics but here's a picture of it sitting on a bed:
  4. I will also eventually be looking for a black leather bag so I can't wait to see what everyone posts. I personally like the black Carly and the black Pleated Ergo Hobo or maybe the new Zoe.. I was trying to browse Ebay too at some older styles but I couldn't really find anything that caught my eye.
  5. I'm a little biased and I'd say go with the new Hamptons Carryall.
  6. I have been dying for a black leather bag... the only black bag I have is the hampton nylon hobo, and I wanted something a bit more dressier. So I have been looking at..
  7. This is my favorite black leather bag right now. I got it on ebay for $250 shipped and I believe they are at the outlets now too for even less. Its roomy, functional, comfortable to carry and looks soooo good! I also have a black leather slim Ali, black medium Lily and a black pleated belted hobo, so I have a nice selection of black bags, and this is still my favorite. Its the Bleecker shopper.

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  8. I'm loving my black leather medium Bleecker Duffle!

  9. I just bought a black legacy leather shoulder bag, style 11127, it is on it's way, cant wait till it gets here. I love the legacy lining.
  10. I'm gonna have to recommend the Black Leather Large Zoe... the strap on this bag is so comfortable on the shoulder and the leather is TDF! It so smooth and soft... and the lining... fushia!! I mean what more can you ask for! haha :P
  11. Carly will be available (or already is, through JAX?) in black with the nickel (silver) hardware!
  12. I just bought the black pleated hobo from the outlet... I love it...



    It's lightweight and I love the pleats
  13. A black Ali. You'll have to get it off of Evil-bay or the sort but I lurves me my black Ali! :tup::yes::heart:
  14. Well, My favorite bag isn't out yet but, my must have black leather bag is going to be the black leather Carly with silver hardware!
    I just really like black with silver better than I do black with brass.

  15. also, the silver hardware has a SUPER pretty lining! the lining in the one I posted has kind of a blah lining, although at least it's not a big black hole inside!