Recommendations Appreciated!

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  1. Hello LV lovers! I wanted to get some opinions from the group...I certainly appreciate any input!

    I am looking for a large bag to wear on my shoulder. I have tried the NF both mm and gm but I returned them both because I need a longer shoulder strap drop. My arms are on bigger side, plus I live in the cold northeast so I wear bulky winter coat for 6 months a year! I have recently tried on artsy and that shoulder drop also wasn't large enough.

    I like both DE and DA canvas. It doesn't have to have to be tote style, I am also drawn to hobo styles as well. My last purchase was an Evora mm which I wear all the time! Am looking for something bigger this time!

    Was thinking possibly of a preloved Galliera gm, Westminster gm, verona gm, or totally. I have never seen any of these bags close up because I didn't get interested in LV until recently!

    Any recs? Thanks so much for reading this post!
  2. Have you tried on the delightful?
  3. I would highly recommend the Westminster GM. That's my go to bag for weather, travel, gambling, pretty much anything. Plus the straps have a nice drop. Plenty to wear over even the largest of coats. And of course DE is so versatile. It seems most bandeaus and bag charms go beautifully on the Westie GM. I also like the red interior. My Pomme Zippy looks fabulous with all DE.

    Good Luck!
  4. Thanks for your reply! I do think the delightful is along the lines of what I am looking for, I just wish it came in DE or azur!
  5. Delightful!!
  6. Delightful for sure! I love mine!
  7. Delightful!
  8. Westminster GM or Delightful GM!! The Verona GM is quite heavy in my opinion.
  9. Totally de?
  10. If you like DE you should try the portobello GM. It's big & a hobo style
  11. what about the estrela?
  12. Or the sully mm !?? :smile:
  13. Totally! I have the same requirements (I also live in Boston, and my arms are on the bigger size, so I need something that fits over them) and the totally is perfect!
  14. Definitely try the Delightful MM! Very large, stylish, and super comfy.
  15. Portobello/delightful/sully all seem so similar! Definitely the look I'm going for! Is there a crucial difference between these styles that I should look out for?

    Thanks so much for all of your suggestions!