Recommendations/Advice Please - Key Holders/Keyrings?

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  1. Hello fellow TPF'ers,

    It looks like I will be able to choose a key holder for Mothers Day :smile:

    I've never had one from LV and am open to all suggestions. I usually have 4 keys on my keyring.

    I'm not too worried about keys damaging the interior of my bag so it doesn't have to be one where the keys fit inside.

    I also don't need anything to put cards in, they are always in my wallet.

    Do the keyrings hold up well? If I get one of the key holders with a press stud to close it are they big enough to hold 4 keys and still close or do the keys hang out the end? (I hope that's not a dumb question). The plastic ends of car keys these days are quite large.

    I've checked out the website but it's not so easy for me to get to LV at the moment to check them out in person.

    Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  2. I tried a key holder first and hated it. I ended up using a mono cles and love it for that. With such a small amount of keys I would get a cles. More versatile[emoji93]
  3. Aww I feel bad nobody has assisted you yet so let me try to help.. (EDIT: I see someone posted above me! Yay!)

    First of all, what keys do you need to hold? Flat regular house keys and.. you mentioned a car key? Do you have an integrated car fob (key connected to the huge plastic remote) or a separate car key and plastic remote? Basically if you tell us what kind of car key you have, we can advise you better.

    There are key holders (they look like wallets) and they fold and close so your keys are kept inside. I use a 6 key holder and there are 4 regular house keys inside. I also put my IDs in there (there is a flap for that, so that's a bonus). My old Honda Accord key with separate (small) plastic remote fits inside too, although I don't put it there. A BMW or Benz car fob will not fit in it (I have tried).. those are integrated keys and are too big. Basically some car keys fit, some don't so if you like this model, I suggest asking the forum "Can X car key fit in the 4/6 key holder?"


    There is also the key cles. Looks like a small zipper pouch with a key chain inside. You can hang the keys in the keychain and put the bundle inside the pouch. (or leave it hanging outside and use the pouch for IDs or coins or whatever). I don't have a cles so I can't comment on this much. I know it comes in many materials and colors and some car keys fit inside, some dont.


    And the last (I think) are actual key chains! Most bag charms are also key holders (they have the traditional round thing that can hold keys). There are so many to choose from! Here are a few samples:


    There! I hope I helped! All the photos I used were borrowed from the internet! Enjoy shopping for your Mother's Day present!!
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  4. I've got the mono berlingot key holder & I really like it:
    I wasn't sure at first because it's bigger than you'd imagine but I can fit a few keys, my work fob & my car key in without anything hanging out.
    It's also great because it's such an odd shape so you can feel it straight away in your bag.
  5. I agree - it's a lot more versatile.

    I'm able to fit several house keys as well as my car key in my Key Pouch without a problem.

    I tried the 4 Key Holder and Round Key Holder PM before the Key Pouch and they were terrible for my needs. Not only were they hard to close with my car key inside, but my car key stuck out at the end! I'd only recommend them if your car key is just a fob.

  6. You are super helpful these are great pics. Could I be cheeky and ask you to take a pic of the inside of the blue Empreinte key pouch? The LV website only shows front and back but not the inside layout. TIA
  7. Hi! None of those photos were mine! I borrowed them from the internet! (Like I said in my initial post)

    BUT since you asked about the inside of the blue (iris) Empreinte key pouch, I found some photos for you. Again, none of these photos are mine, so credit goes to their owners.


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  8. Oops sorry I missed that! But thank you so much for finding these pics :smile:
  9. Thank you so much ManilaMama, you are very kind and very helpful!!! The photos you posted are great for comparing.

    I have separate car keys and plastic remotes but one of our cars is a BMW so I don't think it will fit. We'll be moving back to our home country Australia soon though and there we will have 2 different cars so maybe that's not too much of an issue.

    I really like the mono key holder that you have, I think the key pouch in empreinte is beautiful though too and then I don't have to worry that my keys won't fit no matter what cars we have. I like that it looks like a miniature wallet.

    You have definitely given me some food for thought, now I just have to decide :smile:

    Thanks once again for your help.
  10. Thank you yogamamaloves!! I like the look of the key holders but I think a cles will better suit my needs.
  11. Thank you kerplunk, I hadn't considered that one yet, I'll check it out.
  12. Thank you emilie_x, you confirmed what I was thinking.
  13. You're welcome!

    (By the way, the photos aren't mine, they were from the internet. Although, like I mentioned, the keyholder I use is a 6-key holder in monogram like in the photo I borrowed).


    I assume you are choosing this as a gift?

    Here's a suggestion... ask for a bag instead! Say you will put your keys inside it!! LOL! An empreinte cles is almost HALF the price of a speedy 25 or 30!

  14. Yes this will be my Mothers Day gift.

    I already tried that, my husband wasn't too impressed :roflmfao::lol:

    I agree with you though, the empreinte cles is almost half the price of a bag…..
  15. :lolots::lolots::lolots:

    It was worth a shot!
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