recommendations about where to sell bags besides ebay

  1. hi all,
    i can't wait to submit an application to tpf to be able to sell here, but, you need to have 500 posts and i don't have that many yet...i have a new black inka hobo by hayden harnett that i'd like to sell, but i'm not always thrilled with the way things go on eBay...does anyone else have any recommendations about other places to sell that are safe? thanks for any feedback!
  2. You might try craigslist. I'm not sure how it goes in other areas of the U.S., but I've been trying to sell a bag on for a few weeks now, with no responses other than a scam attempt from some guy in Virginia who thought I'd take his offer for $100 more than I was asking if I'd just take a personal money order or US Cashier's Check. His e-mail was almost word for word one of the 'scam examples' shown on the craiglist site.

    But it's worth a shot - it's free, and maybe your area does a more brisk handbag trade. You know I'd offer to buy your Inka if I didn't already have one in black.

    GAWD, when will HH post their Fall Preview!!!???!!
  3. I usually take my things to local consignment stores. You might not make as much money but it's a lot easier.
  4. I mistakenly put down the wrong web address - it's, not com. So it would be

    Sorry 'bout that -
  5. I don't mind eBay so much, but perhaps you should try consigning per bgbrunette's recommendation.

    Good luck!
  6. We have a wonderful consignment shop near where I live. I use them. I don't know if that suits you, but I think it is a nice alternative to eBay....even though you might not get as much for your bag....but I feel that something is better than nothing, and I don't have to work for it.
  7. Has anyone used an ebay broker? I've been thinking about doing that. I have a whole box of bags that I want to cash in to feed my new LV habit.

  8. Be careful of those Ebay brokers! I looked into it b/c i dont have the time to devote to Ebay and I checked out isoldit and was pretty stoked at the great concept until I found out that they charge like 30 PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats a total rip. I know they need to make money...but still...30 PERCENT!? Its hard enough to make profits on Ebay as it is
  9. I'd definitely look into consigning -- especially if you have a higher-end consignment shop nearby.
  10. I think all of those alternatives, either they charge high rate but not necessary serve your needs, or they simple don't work. I guess that's why eBay is still the biggest and most popular resell chanel. Until next competitor comes up, I sadly believe eBay is the best way to go for now.

    We have heard so many horrible stories about eBay, but there are many successful transactions going on everyday; otherwise eBay will not be able to survive until today. Just practice with great caution. I believe you eventually will sell your bags.
  11. I don't trust Ebay at all, so I would go the consignment shop avenue if I were trying to sell bags.
  12. I think consignment is your best bet. Some great ones I have seen mentioned are Ann's Fabulous finds or Jill's Closet. Never have used them myself, but heard good things about them on this board. Also any local consignment store near you is probably a good bet.