recommendation on a bronze bag?

  1. I love the new trendy bronze bags and I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation? i don't want something too big but not too small either. I saw that a TPF member had recently posted in a thread about her Tano goldi shocks but that is too large for me.

  2. Cole Haan has a number of bronze metallic (pretty subtle) bags in their village line. The lunch tote and triple zip bags are both gorgeous.
  3. Kooba has a great subtle metallic bronze color this fall....?
  4. Botkier Bianca in bronze is on sale at Shopbop. I just looked, and it's available in the small and medium Bianca sizes.
  5. I think that I have seen some cute Kooba's. Did you check out the Eluxury sale? They might have some there.
  6. I have a B.Fendi Medium in "Gold" but i swear its more like bronze really... I love it and i get alot of compliments from it as well..
  7. Banana Republic in-store had some nice items in bronze leather from their Carlyle collection. Bags are 30% off until the 25th--go check out your local BR store.
  8. I second Botkier. I love the metallic bronze from the Black Rose line!
  9. I'm loving the botkier! I will have to check this out IRL. Thanks everyone!