Recommendation needed please

  1. I am interested in a Balenciaga bag but I don't know where to start looking. I would like it be able to fit over my shoulder comfortably for everyday use ( I am not a thin women but not real heavy either) and be big enough to hold papers if needed. I looked at the Work bag but it doesn't have any straps and I need straps or aat least a comfy fit over shoulder handle. Any recommendations???
  2. Maybe a Day bag would be good for you...
  3. A city can hold my work papers and it goes over your shoulder. Don't think it is suitable for files etc but defo papers., Some people can get the work over their shoulder as well
  4. ^^Definitely a city:yes: :yes:
  5. What bags have worked best for this purpose for you in other brands (e.g., LV)? That might help us get a better idea what would be best for you in bbags.
  6. I vote City too.
  7. I would say check out the Part Time because it is in between the City and the Work.
  8. I actually carry a Juicy Couture large hobo bag to work now. I used to carry a Dooney tote because it was so roomy. I am a teacher so I try to carry bags that can fit paperwork and lunch in it and still have some room other things if needed.
  9. I love the city but it DOES not sit over your shoulder comfortably unless you have a small frame. The strap comes handy but I don't think it is REALLY comfortable, however it is a GEOURGES bag. If you want something comfortable ALL the time and beautiful, I vote for the DAY.
    Good Luck!
  10. Check out the ever so popular city style which comes with a strap, or styles with no strap but can be carried over shoulder like the day, brief, or purse.


  11. I suggest city style too.....and it's look great for work even for casual use.......Keep us posted once u have decide which style to get........:smile:
  12. My vote goes to either City or Day.
    Day can hold a lot more thatn City, but City is more suitable to carry paper work in because of its shape. On the other hand, Day would be more comfortable to carry over your shoulder than City, though I this City is comfortable enough to carry over my shoulder(I'm 5'3", 98lbs for your referrence).
    You can't go wrong with either way, though.