Recommendation Needed: Black Hobo

  1. Hi All:

    A friend's mother has asked for gift recommendations for a black leather hobo style bag. Her price range is $100 - $175. Ideally, the bag would work as an everday bag and also be nice enough for business type lunches, etc.

    I like the style of the Tano bags (Boogie Bucket, basketcase) but I don't really like the brown strap accents. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. Hobo International falls within that price range, and they are good leather .... WOW, I take that back (about price range) - looks like Hobo International has also raised their prices (rather astronomically, too!).

    For the price range you're listing - I guess Tano may be it (I don't know the cost of those and haven't really looked at Tano, either).

    If you have a Wilson's in your area, that may be a place to check as well. You can also check online - here are their hobos
  3. Juicy Couture makes some nice black leather hobos. They tend to be directed more for younger people with the hardware and details but they might be worth looking into.
  4. are you close to a banana republic outlet? There's usually a few black or brown leather handbags there that are within your budget. They're really well made too.
  5. Here are some Fall 07 Tano hobos that come in black and have no brown trim. All are around $200. (Here's my disclaimer: Im just trying to be helpful here, I'm not soliciting anyone! I dont even have these bags in my store.)

    magic hairdo

    thugs and kisses
    lauren order
  6. oops.. i forgot centerfold, which is a tano favorite:
  7. hobo intl.jpg kc.jpg