Recommendation for very small cellular phone??

  1. I don't need camera, internet, video and any other features. I just want phone. So can you guys recommend a very tiny but of course the numbers are still dialable using my fingers ;) . I just really need a smallest cellphone available. Thnaks for the input.
  2. Oohh I remember seeing ads for a tiny TINY cellphone a few months (a year? ) ago... it was about the size of a lipstick tub!!!!

    I can't recall what it was, except I think it was black and red (or the ad was all black and red??)... maybe it was made by Nokia???

    I suggest you check out the major cellphone companies! They probably list all of their products and have tons of pictures :smile: Good luck!
  3. sony ericsson t600. That's my advice :smile:
  4. Thanks for the advice! I've seen the sony ericsson and I want it smaller than that. I am asking too much, aren't I?
  5. ^^^ my mom has that phone and loves it.
  6. Yes! That's the littlest phone I've ever seen..really decent for the size, too.
  7. here's my tiny NEC phone. comparared in my hand and with my p800 sony ericsson.
    they only sold this in japan, hongkong and korea though... although i've spotted on eBay.
    this is just what i have, you can do ur research on NEC cell phones, on my opinion japanese phone companies make the smallest and cutest cell phones ever!
  8. The Slvr is smaller than the Razr.. or the Samsung Plum?
  9. wow, this phone looks like my compact powder. Very cute!! Is it hard to use because of the shape?
  10. That may be the phone for me!

    The online description says it is 69mm tall (2.75"). Is that with the antennae or without?